High Availability

Customizable high-availability PostgreSQL environments

Security and Compliance

Deploy and validate security and compliance checks for your PostgreSQL clusters

Disaster Recovery

Complex disaster recovery setups


Turnkey monitoring solutions: use pgMonitor or use your enterprise monitoring platform

Cloud Agnostic

Cloud-agnostic: Crunchy PostgreSQL Automation works in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, as well as on-premise solutions

Crunchy PostgreSQL Automation extends the functionality of your IT automation platform and can handle more complex cases such as:

  • Provisioning streaming replicas - synchronous & asynchronous
  • Provisioning disaster recovery systems
  • Creating high-availability environments
  • Creating and attaching monitoring solutions
  • Creating connection pooling and load balancing set ups

Crunchy PostgreSQL Automation can be deployed and managed via your IT automation platform and provide you with a robust PostgreSQL-as-a-Service platform.

Backed by Crunchy Enterprise PostgreSQL support, Crunchy PostgreSQL Automation allows further expansion, including our automated STIG compliance checker once the cluster is deployed.

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