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The Crunchy PostgreSQL High Availability Suite solves one of the toughest challenges facing database engineers today: ensuring their data is always accessible and highly-available for their applications.
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Databases present unique challenges to engineers when creating high availability environments; you want to protect the integrity of your data while avoiding catastrophic "split-brain" scenarios. The Crunchy PostgreSQL High Availability Suite accounts for these problems and helps you deploy trusted PostgreSQL in any geographically distributed environment.
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Leveraging trusted open source Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL and a supported open source technology stack, the Crunchy PostgreSQL High Availability Suite keeps your data always on and free from vendor lock-in.
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Always On, Always Available PostgreSQL

Crunchy Data PostgreSQL High Availability Suite is an integrated set of trusted open source software tools that can be deployed in a variety of configurations to suit your needs for performance, high availability, load balancing, scalability, file sharing, and economy. When combined with native PostgreSQL replication, Crunchy PostgreSQL High Availability Suite supports the variety of PostgreSQL High Availability requirements enterprises face.

The High Availability Add-On consists of the following major components.
  • Cluster Infrastructure — Provides fundamental functions for nodes to work together as a cluster: configuration-file management, membership management, lock management, and fencing.
  • High Availability Service Management — Provides failover of services from one cluster node to another in case a node becomes inoperative.
  • Cluster Administration Tools — Provides configuration and management tools for setting up, configuring, and managing the High Availability Add-On. The tools are for use with the Cluster Infrastructure components, the high availability and Service Management components, and storage.
  • Heterogeneous Replication — Replicates data across different platforms, with compatibility for many databases. Sync from any database to any database in a heterogeneous environment.
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