Deploy PostgreSQL at Massive Scale

Open source PostgreSQL has the features to create secure and robust enterprise-level applications, but to truly harness the cost savings of open source, you need to be able to deploy your databases at scale within your organization.

In January 2018, 451 Research analyzed Crunchy Data to see how Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes gave organizations "a way to deploy PostgreSQL in the cloud and other containerized-friendly environments" at the scale enterprises need.

How does Crunchy Data leverage Kubernetes to help bring secure, 100% open source PostgreSQL-as-a-service to your organization? Download a copy of the 451 Research report to find out more about how Crunchy Data can help your organization deploy PostgreSQL with the security and scale you need.

Learn How Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes Enables Enterprises to Deploy Open Source,
Cloud Agnostic,

Ready to learn how you can run PostgreSQL across your organization? Download a free copy of the report below:

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Learn more about Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes

Ready to see how Crunchy Data can help your enterprise deploy open source PostgreSQL in a secure, highly-available environment across your organization? Read more about Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes and see how we can bring you a trusted PostgreSQL solution that meets your development and deployment requirements.

Learn more about Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes

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