Crunchy PostgreSQL Engineering

Crunchy PostgreSQL Engineers are available to provide enterprises with additional project based consulting support either onsite at customer locations or remotely, providing dedicated expertise in PostgreSQL architecture and administration.

Migration to Open Source Database Technology

Evaluating migration to open source database technology? Look no further and do not settle for “open core” or other ‘almost’ open technologies. Crunchy Data is here to help.

Database migrations come in all shapes and sizes. Crunchy Data provides the tools and expertise necessary to assist enterprises in the migration from proprietary relational databases, including Oracle, to open source PostgreSQL.

  • Working closely with designated members of the enterprise’s engineering team, Crunchy PostgreSQL Engineers will complete an assessment of the existing database and program requirements. As part of this assessment, Crunchy PostgreSQL Engineers will utilize proven conversion tools to provide a concrete analysis of the scope of the conversion.
  • Using the information provided by the enterprise engineering team and the output of the proven conversion technology, Crunchy Data will create a tailored proposal estimates of timeframe and cost of services required for a successful conversion.
  • Following the successful completion of the Database Migration, Crunchy PostgreSQL Engineers will collaborate with the Secure Enterprise’s engineering team to complete acceptance testing and final testing.

Once the migration is complete and open source PostgreSQL is running in production, Crunchy Secure Enterprise Support provides 24x7 production support. Most importantly, migrating to 100% open source software ensures that there is no vendor lock in post migration.

Moving to the Cloud

Evaluating migration to the Cloud? Whether moving a single database to the Cloud or exploring an enterprise database-as-a-service initiative, Crunchy Data has the technology and expertise to help. Crunchy PostgreSQL Engineers have the expertise to guide organizations through the deployment of a fully cloud-native open source PostgreSQL deployment on a variety of platforms and in a variety of public clouds. Because Crunchy Data’s software is open source, there is no requirement for a long-term commitment or vendor lock-in required solutions.

How are we different?

Tailored Engagements

Crunchy can flexibly accommodate your unique service and support needs – providing a professional level of care at a predictable, competitive cost. Our goal is to work with you to understand the full extent of all requirements. A detailed proposal outlining the scope of services to be performed will be developed for your consideration. The agreed upon engagement will be oriented towards achieving your objective while carefully managing your cost.

Second Level Support

Crunchy PostgreSQL Specialists provide a second level of support for your data engineering consultants, data architects and staff throughout the engagement. We offer secure enterprise support for your PostgreSQL database that allow you to confidently maintain PostgreSQL deployments at a large scale, even after the original consulting agreement has ended.

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