Enterprise PostgreSQL Support

Crunchy Secure Enterprise Support provides Enterprises of all sizes with the confidence to deploy open source PostgreSQL throughout their infrastructure.

When PostgreSQL issues come up, Crunchy provides guaranteed response time from our team of PostgreSQL engineers. Beyond troubleshooting, in connection with a Secure Enterprise Support engagement, Crunchy engineers are available to assist with PostgreSQL deployment issues including:

  • Guidance on upgrading to a new release
  • Configuration suggestions for high availability and scalability
  • Performance tuning and optimization suggestions
  • Review of new PostgreSQL features and how to use them

For Enterprise customers that have deployed PostgreSQL in support of their data management requirements, we offer a combination of on demand, 24/7 Crunchy PostgreSQL Expertise, access to the knowledge base and capability of the PostgreSQL Global Development Community, and finally, convenient access to security patches, software updates, efficient troubleshooting and bug fixes for your PostgreSQL deployment. True PostgreSQL Support.

Commercial Support Open Source

Secure Enterprise Support provides enterprises with the best of both worlds – the benefits and freedom of open source PostgreSQL and technology combined with SLAs, patch support and bug fixes that enterprises expect.

As Crunchy Data software is 100% open source, enterprises are free to renew Crunchy Secure Enterprise Support or not.
No long term commitment. No vendor lock in.

Your Guide Into the PostgreSQL Community

The Open Source Community is an efficient and effective Global Development capability providing extensively reviewed software with the features and performance that Enterprises have come to expect from Enterprise Grade software without the associated license or subscription fees. Despite the clear cost advantages of migrating to Open Source infrastructure, internal IT departments and Enterprise users often find navigating the Open Source Community and locating specific resolutions to Open Source Software support requires on a timely basis to be challenging.

Crunchy Support Representatives and Data Engineers have developed relationships, tools and a knowledgebase enabling Crunchy to deliver the level of support Enterprise users have come to expect from their database technology supplier at a fraction of the cost.

We ensure the Security of Enterprise Identity and Data

Every enterprise has unique requirements and Crunchy is ready and able to accommodate even the most sensitive of these requirements. Having earned a trusted relationship and secure facility, Crunchy is ideally suited to support customers with unique security concerns. All Crunchy Support Representatives and Crunchy Engineers are US Citizens operating within the Continental United States and through a secure facility. In addition to Crunchy‘s secure remote support, Crunchy can provide dedicated Onsite Database Engineering and Administration with the appropriate access to support and augment enterprise internal software engineering and database administration team.

We know it can get topsy turvy sometimes - we're here to help.

24x7 PostgreSQL Support
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