About Crunchy

Crunchy Data is a leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL technology, support and training. Crunchy offers Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL, the most advanced pure open source RDBMS on the market. Founded with the mission of bringing the power and efficiency of open source PostgreSQL to security conscious enterprises, Crunchy Data believes that enterprises of all sizes can benefit from open source PostgreSQL without compromising performance, security or reliability.

To provide enterprises with dependable access to market leading expertise, Crunchy Data has assembled a team of world renowned PostgreSQL experts and seasoned PostgreSQL database engineers – available 24x7 to assist with PostgreSQL issues large and small. To ensure enterprises have access to the benefits of trusted open source PostgreSQL, we created Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL, a 100% open source PostgreSQL distribution and the first commercially open source RDBMS to receive Common Criteria certification. To ensure the power and effectiveness of PostgreSQL in the Cloud, Crunchy Data created leading open source technology to deploy Cloud Native PostgreSQL on a variety of platforms – whether in a public cloud or private cloud.

Ultimately, Crunchy Data provides customers with all of the benefits of a true open source database and offers life cycle support for enterprises of all sizes.

PostgreSQL is our Business

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with more than 20 years of active development and a strong development community. The active development community, proven architecture and reputation for reliability, data integrity, and ease of use make it a prime candidate for enterprises looking for a robust relational database alternative to expensive proprietary database technologies.

Our team includes leading contributors to the PostgreSQL community and a variety of PostgreSQL technologies including PostGIS, pgBackRest and pgAudit.

Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL helps you avoid expensive database licensing costs.

Open Source Initiative

Crunchy Data is committed to building the PostgreSQL Community by actively supporting and contributing core database enhancements to the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. Our software is 100% open source so our customers are not exposed to vendor lock in.

The result – Crunchy’s customers can have confidence that the Crunchy PostgreSQL technology that they have come to rely on will always be available on a free and open source basis and supported by an active development community.

We help solve your problems so you're free to take on the world.

24/7 PostgreSQL Support
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