About Crunchy Data

Our passion is open source PostgreSQL.

Our mission

Crunchy exists to make open source PostgreSQL the optimal choice in deployment environments. We will do this with a combination of knowledge, tools, and community participation. Using our knowledge, we evangelize the abilities of the database to developers and DBAs, speak at conferences, publish knowledge articles, and participate in all communities who use and build PostgreSQL. We build well-designed tools that maximize the effectiveness of the teams using open source PostgreSQL. We know we have succeeded when we empower developers to be as effective as DBAs, and empower a single DBA to be as effective as a team of DBAs. In our pursuits, we seek to be a steward of the open source community in a way that builds a trusted organization of trusted individuals.


In 2012, we launched with a goal to become the leading Postgres vendor for security-conscious organizations seeking to eliminate expensive proprietary software costs. Traditionally, proprietary vendors were winning this space, not because their proprietary technology was superior, but because a company would sign to claim the technology was superior. Our founding conviction was based on our knowledge that Postgres is a technologically capable platform that rivals all database technologies. Crunchy Data was built by being the company on record for demanding deployments, and built production deployment tooling to prove out that thesis.

Since launch, Crunchy Data has:

  • Grown to be one of the largest dedicated PostgreSQL vendors
  • Launched the first Postgres Operator
  • Become the trusted Postgres partner of governments, enterprises, and high-growth startups
  • Financially supported leading contributors to the open source PostgreSQL code-base and extensions
  • Participated with the community to consistently improve PostgreSQL
  • Partnered with customers to launch mission-critical PostgreSQL deployments
  • Employed lead contributors to PostGIS, a Postgres extension to support Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Published extensive Postgres knowledge, such as performance, production deployment, and rescuing from failure.

Pursue trust

A foundation of open source is trust. Participating in an open source community requires that any entity consider the objective of the community on par with the objective of the organization. Crunchy Data takes this approach with all customers, employees, and community. We approach projects not with the objective to maximize our return, but to add holistic value as we think that is the long-term approach to building a business.

Next generation of cloud-native PostgreSQL

Crunchy Data has assembled a team of people who built the first generations of Cloud-Native PostgreSQL. Team members include people who built Heroku Postgres, Microsoft Azure Postgres, Compose, IBM Cloud Database, and original committers on the Patroni project. The first generation of Postgres was constrained by the hardware at the time: spindel disks, high-IO costs, and low RAM. Crunchy Bridge is the next generation of Cloud-Native Open-Source Postgres. Crunchy Bridge is built with a focus on developer experience.

Build for developer experience

For us, Developer Experience means that a person encounters an experience that is easy-to-understand and presents knowledgable information in a way that empowers the person to make better choices. We use the term "experience" broadly to mean all interaction points with Crunchy products and people, such as web UI, CLI, text message alerts, and requests to the Crunchy support team. We aim to make powerful actions seem easy. We build tools into our products that not only solve for the database problems of today (typically deployment & operations), but for the database problems of tomorrow (monitoring, scaling, alerting, & recovery).

Committed to open source

Crunchy Data supports the PostgreSQL community by contributing core database enhancements to the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. We evangelize open source through knowledge distribution. Our customers can have confidence that Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL will always be open source and supported by an active development community. We do not use private-forks of PostgreSQL, only 100% open source, native PostgreSQL.

A trusted team of trusted individuals

Our team is protective (of data), adaptable, and highly skilled. We're made up of a variety of backgrounds, reside all over the U.S. and thrive on collaboration to create the best solutions and support for our customers. Crunchy Data employs leading contributors to PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and the associated open source ecosystem of tools and technologies who thrive on the opportunity to solve unique problems.