Postgres-as-a-Service for your cloud of choice in any public, private, or hybrid cloud

Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL for PCF allows data architects to easily deploy a PostgreSQL Database-as-a-Service within a Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) environment through a PCF Service Tile.

Everything you need

Built specifically for the Cloud Foundry platform


Full Compatibility with Cloud Foundry and any BOSH compatible systems.


Build your own database-as-a-service in any public, private, or hybrid cloud.

No forks

Our solution is built on 100% open source, native PostgreSQL.


Backup, restore, & disaster recovery for terabytes of data.


Graphical database administration tools for simple point-and-click database management.


Open source database monitoring and graphing tools to help analyze and create administration strategies.


The power of robust open source GIS functionality, included by default.

Enterprise access

Access to certified builds for Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL

Cloud-native enterprise PostgreSQL

To run an enterprise production deployment of PostgreSQL that fully utilizes the Cloud Foundry platform, you need more than just a database. Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry provides advanced capabilities for high-availability, disaster recovery, backup/restore, and monitoring - all from the convenience of an easy-to-install service tile.

Certified PostgreSQL for the cloud

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry is the trusted, open source distribution of PostgreSQL backed with the assurance of Common Criteria EAL 2+ certification.

Certified for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry is cloud-agnostic and certified for production deployment with Pivotal Cloud Foundry. By leveraging BOSH deployment, Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry supports all major public clouds and enables hybrid in on-premise and public cloud environments.

Backed by Crunchy Enterprise PostgreSQL Support, enterprises have the confidence of 24x7x365 reliability in their data availability.

Confidently deploy the world's most advanced open source database

Developers can easily deploy a production-ready Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL cluster within a Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) environment through a PCF Service Tile. Security patches, minor upgrades, and major upgrades can also be deployed in seamless, downtime free rolling updates to minimize disruption to your applications and database services.

Technical support from PostgreSQL experts

Crunchy Data provides Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry for all commercial support subscription customers, which includes access to certified software packages, updates, bug fixes, and security patches, along with 24x7x365 technical support from PostgreSQL experts.

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