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Crunchy Postgres

Production ready Postgres: automated, scalable, trusted.

A full service scripted solution for deploying Production PostgreSQL including backups, high availability, monitoring, disaster recovery, connection scaling, and more from the experts at Crunchy Data.

Automatic failover and self-healing

A self-healing resilient database cluster is at the core of every high availability solution and ours is no exception. Crunchy Postgres offers built-in failover management and failover times (RPO/RTO) in seconds. Our clients also experience increased uptime and zero downtime database environments.

Automated deployments

Automation streamlines your database administration tasks including database creation and provisioning, destroying instances, configuration, and upgrades. A scripted solution enables code to increase consistency and reduce errors. Create an entire PostgreSQL high availability environment with one command.

Disaster recovery

Every database needs backups and our solution comes out of the box with built-in backup and restore processes to protect against disasters and emergencies. Our backup solution also includes features for point-in-time recovery.


Optimized for large clusters in the enterprise, Crunchy Postgres has built-in load balancing, tcp proxy, and connection pooling to manage workloads and to boost performance across your resources.


Keeping an eye on your cluster is key to understanding your environment and planning for the future. Crunchy Postgres comes with out of the box monitoring, alerting, health checks, dashboards, and cluster insights.


Crunchy Postgres is backed by Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL using 100% open source tools. Crunchy Postgres is Red Hat certified and EAL 2+ certified.

Single and multi-data center

Crunchy Postgres can be configured for single and multi-data center environments and can be adapted to work with a variety of different resource designs.

Expert support

Crunchy Postgres is backed by an expert Postgres support team deeply embedded in the PostgreSQL community and is available 24x7 to support our clients

Use Cases

When do you need High Availability for your database?

Economies of scale

Our Crunchy Postgres clients are hosting their databases on VMs, in data centers, and in cloud environments. Our solution lets you increase production and scale out your application easily.


Our Crunchy Postgres solution combines "always on" requirements with enterprise security and regulation compliance often used in the banking and finance industries.

New to PostgreSQL

You don't have to be a PostgreSQL veteran to get started. If you are new to PostgreSQL and are building or deploying new applications that require HA, we can provide the best solution and expertise.

Ansible Automation Platform users

If you're already using Ansible at your organization, you'll be happy to know that Crunchy Postgres is certified as a backend database for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.


Many of our HA clients are in government and public sector applications. Crunchy Data works closely with the U.S. Defense Agencies to publish guidance for the secure deployment of Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL.

Critical services

Many Crunchy Postgres clients are in industries serving infrastructure like telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and transportation. Our resilient system and enterprise support model can protect your critical infrastructure services.

Case Study

Reduced deployment times from 3 days to 30 minutes

We were able to leverage Crunchy Postgres to automate, standardize and add resiliency across all of their PostgreSQL databases.

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