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Top 6 Canadian Bank | A Crunchy Case Study

Reduced database deployment times from 3 days to 30 minutes

Business need

To improve IT’s internal “customer” experience with a reliable, low-cost and low maintenance database solution, as well as reducing the time needed to deploy a resilient database environment through infrastructure as code.


Crunchy Data High Availability Postgres with Ansible Automation platform, with over 100 current deployments and hundreds more planned in the near future.


The Crunchy Data HA Postgres with Ansible Automation platform includes a set of Ansible roles that automate the deployment of resilient database environments. It supports flexible deployment architectures, along with automated failover, back ups, recovery, and monitoring. The platform offers an open source and either on-premises or Cloud-agnostic non-lock-in deployment strategy.


Significant decrease in database provisioning time, along with gaining the ability to automate, standardize and deploy the environments through infrastructure as code. Gained high availability through self-healing and automated failover. Centralized monitoring of the health and performance of the environments. Their legacy and expensive RDBMS platforms required an estimated 3 days to deploy highly resilient environments. Now, using the Crunchy Data HA Postgres platform, that time has been reduced to roughly 30 minutes. Moving forward, this will allow an increasing scale of the Postgres deployments without requiring a corresponding increase of human resources. All with the backing of a Postgres Support vendor, 24 x 7 x 365 coverage, and access to the Crunchy Data Development team for on-going feature enhancements.

Automated Production Ready Postgres

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