Cloud Ready

Scale on the Cloud Easily

Whether building your own database-as-a-service or creating a reliable high-availability environment, Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes simplifies the management of your data through proven cloud technology.

Ready to Work out of the box

Open Source All The Way

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes comes with essential open source tools for PostgreSQL management at scale, and lets you use powerful extensions like geospatial management with PostGIS.

Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Protection

Deploy Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL with Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes to harness the security of a Common Criteria EAL 2+ certified database on trusted platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift or Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

More than just a PostgreSQL Container

Enterprise production PostgreSQL deployments require more than just a database. Advanced capabilities like high availability, backing up and efficiently restoring terabytes of data, proven disaster recovery and monitoring solutions are requirements for your enterprise database cluster.

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes is cloud-agnostic, and lets you create and manage your own database-as-a-service in any public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. By providing the necessary microservices to meet your production compliance, security, and performance requirements, Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes will deliver your users the optimal open source database experience.

Recognized and Certified for Leading Container Technologies

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes is cloud agnostic and certified for production deployment with leading container platform technologies. Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes supports all major public clouds and enables hybrid in on-premise and public cloud environments.

Backed by Crunchy Enterprise PostgreSQL Support, your enterprise will have 24x7x365 PostgreSQL engineering expertise to ensure your container infrastructure stays up and running.

Enhance your open source cloud strategy

451 Research reported in January 2018 that Crunchy Data is "bringing a DevOps experience to the database. And for developers it means a way to easily provision a database, access tools to interact with the database, and an easier means to apply patches and security policies." To understand what Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes means for your business and how you can leverage our expertise for your cloud strategy, we have provided you with a copy of the report:

Read the Report

Get Enterprise Level PostgreSQL out of the box

Your team needs the tools to scale out and ensure your data services are running and responsive, and you need them now. Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes gives you the tools you need to manage your PostgreSQL cluster in a modern technology infrastructure. And because Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes uses 100% open source software, your enterprise will operate more efficiently without the costs of proprietary software and vendor lock-in.

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes comes with:

Compatibility with any Kubernetes framework, such as Red Hat OpenShift and Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Cloud agnostic: build your own database-as-a-service in any public, private, or hybrid cloud
No forks: 100% open source, native PostgreSQL
Backup, restore, & disaster recovery for terabytes of data
Graphical database administration tools for simple point-and-click database management
Open source database monitoring and graphing tools to help analyze and create administration strategies
PostGIS, robust open source GIS 🌎 functionality, included by default
Access to certified builds for Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL
Proprietary software licensing fees
Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes uses 100% open source technologies to give you the optimal enterprise PostgreSQL experience.

"We are very excited to see the great results of the work that Crunchy Data has put into containerizing and operationalizing PostgreSQL in the OpenShift environment. Having effectively built a Database-as-a-Service infrastructure, Crunchy Data has made it easier for application teams to use the power of PostgreSQL in their modern architectures."

- Ashesh Badani, Vice President and General Manager, Red Hat OpenShift

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