Global Enterprise Support

Crunchy Data supports global enterprises from the Fortune 100. No matter your timezone, we are here for you 24x7x365 and will have an action plan for any urgent issue delivered in 8 hours.

Engineers all the way

No handoffs: as soon as you file a support ticket, you will always work directly with an engineer to resolve your issue, regardless of how you deploy PostgreSQL.

Major Contributors

Crunchy Data includes top PostgreSQL contributors and administrators. Our support plan includes consultative support to help your enterprise effectively leverage PostgreSQL at scale.

Stopping Problems Before They Start

The Crunchy Data believes that most problems can be avoided with a bit of planning. In additional to our exceptional around-the-clock support, our engineers are available to assist with your PostgreSQL planning & deployment issues including:

  • Guidance on upgrading to a new release
  • Configuration advice for high availability and scalability
  • Performance tuning and optimization feedback
  • Review of new PostgreSQL features and how to use them

Enterprise Support for Open Source

Crunchy Enterprise PostgreSQL Support provides enterprises with the best of both worlds – the benefits and freedom of open source technology combined with SLAs, patch support and bug fixes for PostgreSQL that enterprises need.

Crunchy Data only deploys 100% open source software. Our commitment to open source allows our customers to be free of vendor lock-in.

Your Guide to the PostgreSQL Community

Migrating to open source has clear cost advantages, but your team wants to be sure that they have someone to talk to in order to resolve issues in a timely manner. Navigating an open source community can sometimes feel challenging, but the Crunchy Data team is here to help you.

Crunchy Data has developed the relationships, tools and knowledgebase to deliver the level of support enterprise users expect from their database technology supplier. With many contributors to the PostgreSQL community on our team, Crunchy Data offers unparalleled expertise to successfully manage your database requirements.

A Plan for All Enterprises

From a single-core to thousands of PostgreSQL instances, on bare-metal, in virtual machines, or on containers in OpenShift, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, or other architectures, Crunchy Data works with enterprises of all sizes to ensure your data is safe and secure. Our experienced team of support engineers and consultants will ensure your business requirements are met and your data operations are continuously running.

Crunchy Data gives you true Enterprise PostgreSQL support.

Crunchy Enterprise PostgreSQL Support includes...

24x7x365 Support
Work directly with engineers on all support issues
No forks: 100% open source, native PostgreSQL
Proactive, consultative support to help guide architectural decisions
United States-based support team
Unparalleled access to experts on PostgreSQL performance, security, and large-scale container configurations
Work with any cloud technology or infrastructure
Access to certified builds for Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL, Crunchy Container Suite
Leverage 100% open source technologies to break free your enterprise from vendor lock-in
Proprietary software licensing fees
Guaranteed Response Time 1 hour
Guaranteed time for an action plan for urgent issues 8 hours
Crunchy Data uses 100% open source technologies to reduce your data management costs by 90%.

We ensure the Security of Enterprise Identity and Data

Every enterprise has unique requirements. Having earned a trusted relationship and secure facility, Crunchy Data is ready accommodate the most sensitive requirements for your data management platform.

All Crunchy Data support representatives and engineers are United States Citizens operating within the continental United States and through a secure facility. In addition to Crunchy Data's secure remote support, we can satisfy any additional security requirements by providing dedicated, onsite engineering and administration.

We know it can get topsy-turvy. We're here to help.

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