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Trusted Open Source PostgreSQL

Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL is a 100% open source distribution of PostgreSQL - a powerful, relational database system packaged and commercially supported by Crunchy Data.

Common Criteria EAL 2+ Certified

Certified for your Enterprise

Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL is certified at Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2+, an international standard for computer security certification.

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Cloud Ready, Cloud Secure

Whether you are on public or private cloud infrastructure, leveraging containers or virtual machines, Crunchy Data provides cloud-agnostic, cloud-native deployment options for Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL at scale.

Open Source PostgreSQL & More

Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL uses 100% open source PostgreSQL to give you the power of the PostgreSQL database and the assurance of rigorous security evaluation without the worry of vendor lock-in.

Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL also extends the functionality of PostgreSQL and provides out-of-the-box, including:

  • PostGIS: the most popular open source spatial database extender that adds robust GIS functionality to your PostgreSQL database
  • pgaudit: an open source audit log generator that allows you to control logging down to a per-object level to help generate data required for passing government, financial, and ISO certification audits
  • pgjdbc: the PostgreSQL JDBC driver, which provides an implementation of the standard JDBC specification as well as several PostgreSQL-specific extensions

The Trusted PostgreSQL Technology Stack

Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL Gives You Assurance

The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security is an international standard (ISO/IEC 15408) for computer security certification. Common Criteria provides assurance that the specification, implementation and evaluation of a computer security product has been conducted in a rigorous, standard and repeatable manner at a level appropriate for its target environment.

Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL is certified at Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2+ to ensure it is the most trusted open source enterprise PostgreSQL distribution. Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL is the first commercially available open source relational database management system to receive Common Criteria certification.

  Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL
100% open source PostgreSQL
No proprietary software licensing fees
Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2+ Certification
PostGIS, robust open source GIS functionality, included by default
pgaudit, open source logger used for governmental, financial, and certification audits, included by default
pgjdbc, open source standard JDBC library, included by default
Work with any cloud technology or infrastructure
Access to 24x7x365 Crunchy Enterprise PostgreSQL Support

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