Consolidated Infrastructure for Multilevel Security

Crunchy MLS for PostgreSQL brings multilevel security to PostgreSQL by extending Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL to support your most advanced data access control requirements and eliminate your proprietary software costs.

Crunchy MLS for PostgreSQL provides advanced security capability that enables enterprises to confidently store data at a variety of levels of sensitivity in a single database, while limiting access to the sensitive data to only roles with a "need to know". Crunchy MLS for PostgreSQL reduces your infrastructure costs, eliminates redundant infrastructure and proprietary software licenses, and enhances your data security by using 100% open source software.

Your Complex Security Use-Cases Solved at Open Source Prices

Crunchy Data is a proven leader in developing and deploying secure, open source PostgreSQL data management systems for security-conscious enterprises. From this expertise, Crunchy Data developed Crunchy MLS PostgreSQL to allow your enterprise to securely manage roles and data access levels within a PostgreSQL database in your trusted environment and eliminate paying hefty proprietary software licensing fees.

  • Pharma: Access to clinical trial data based on role, e.g. investigator, administrator, technician, sponsor, etc.
  • Banking: Enforce SOX compliance on access to data between different banking functions, e.g. equities, mergers & acquisitions, etc.
  • Healthcare: Comply with HIPAA regulations by only allowing access to data based on patient-oriented rules.

Advanced Integration with Trusted Red Hat Enterprise SELinux

To ensure Crunchy MLS for PostgreSQL provides the most advanced security, Crunchy MLS for PostgreSQL supports advanced integration with trusted operating Systems such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux SELinux, to support label-based mandatory access control for your enterprise defined security policies.

Access Controls down to a single row

Imagine an ecosystem where an application uses labels to connect to a PostgreSQL database through a constrained network interface. Using role-based access control, Crunchy MLS for PostgreSQL enforces the security level access for the connecting user and ensures the user will only access the rows defined in their security policy.

Connection Pool Safety, Too

Crunchy MLS for PostgreSQL is setup to work with connection pooling, and will enforce role-based access controls from the connection pooler.

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