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The best way to deploy, manage, and grow Postgres on Google Cloud

Crunchy Bridge is a full service managed solution for PostgreSQL in Google Cloud. User administration includes both a user panel and developer API with easy to use tools to provision, connect, manage, create replicas, configure high availability, and restore from a point-in-time recovery backup. From hobby tier to multi-TB production databases, Crunchy Bridge is a trusted service provider of Postgres on GCP.

In-Place Upgrades

Crunchy Bridge makes upgrades a breeze by letting you upgrade in-place to new minor and major versions. You no longer have to dump and restore, possibly causing hours of downtime to upgrade across versions. With in-place upgrades your upgrade time is seconds to minutes, and not a size of data operation. We also provide instance upgrades for PostgreSQL patches within days and new major releases within weeks of community release.

Made and Supported by PostgreSQL Experts

Crunchy Data is completely committed to the PostgreSQL ecosystem and community projects. We have many Postgres core team members on the Crunchy team embedded into the open source community. Our focus on Postgres means that your instance is optimized and our extensions, advice, and support is focused specifically on your PostgreSQL needs. Platform support is easily accessed in the account console and our agile team answers queries in a matter of hours - that means no more waiting in a support queue hoping to get escalated to an engineer.

Connection pooling built-in

Connection pooling is a smart addition for any production database. Crunchy Bridge provides pgBouncer, the best in class Postgres connection pooler, right alongside your database and removes the complexity of connection management with external sources. If you're not using pgBouncer today, chances are it'd be a win for performance for your application. Read more on why you should have it in place on our blog.

More PostgreSQL tools

Crunchy Bridge was developed for a better developer experience and we offer real Postgres Superuser access. We also offer a full set of extensions and language support for the modern developer. With full access to logical replication, you can easily integrate with change data capture (CDC) tooling such as Debezium.

Multi-zone high availability

Crunchy Bridge has turnkey high availability, automatically deploying a streaming replica in a different GCP zone. Failover is automated and efficient, with minimal service interruption and data loss.

PostgreSQL for GKE

If you're using GKE and you want an easy to implement PostgreSQL solution, Crunchy Bridge easily connects to the front-end containerized applications. If you're looking for an automated Kubernetes solution with fully containerized PostgreSQL, look at PGO, the Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data and our Kubernetes product subscription and support.

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