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Build powerful, data-centric geospatial applications

Crunchy Spatial extends Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL with a collection of standard open source tools for enterprises that need standard spatial analysis, mapping, and location-based functionality in their applications.

Features & Benefits

Extending Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL

Crunchy Spatial implements the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards for Simple Feature Access through SQL and OGC API - Features.


Web vector maps delivered through simple REST API

Spatial features

Interface with spatial features in your database

Micro-service architecture

Micro-service architecture, for easy deployment in the cloud

Dynamic vector tiles

Dynamic vector tiles and features direct from the database with no caching or long refresh times

No-code middleware

No-code middleware to link web apps to spatial SQL smarts

Low overhead

Low overhead to maximize data serving performance

Build dynamic spatial applications

Crunchy Spatial builds on Crunchy PostgreSQL as the most trusted open source distribution of PostgreSQL and PostGIS, enabling data security, high availability, and scalability of your data management system.

Crunchy Spatial enables enterprises to use PostGIS functions to build geometry on the fly without input from tables.

Powered by PostGIS

PostGIS provides robust geometric and geographic functionality that enables engineers to create complex, location-aware applications. PostGIS is leveraged by a variety of geospatial applications, such as QGIS, ArcGIS, and GeoMedia, and can be combined with other PostgreSQL capabilities to perform advanced analytical operations against geospatial datasets in PostgreSQL.

Crunchy Certified PostGIS has received the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Certification.

Crunchy Data provides Crunchy Spatial for all commercial support subscription customers.

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