Cloud PostgreSQL built for a superior developer experience

Fully-managed Postgres on your choice of cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) from the experts at Crunchy Data

Cloud Agnostic

Ready for launch, on any provider

Made for developers

On Crunchy Bridge, Developer Experience (DX) means a toolset that gets you into the zone. Our platform has the tools necessary for developers to execute the optimum decision for performance and scale today while looking into the future.

Powerful API

Automate deployment, management, and scaling of your database using the Crunchy Bridge API. Integrate with HELM, Terraform, or K8 operators.

In-database tools

Available PostgreSQL extensions include plpython, SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, R, and PostGIS. Need more? Extend your cluster with Postgres Container Apps for analytics, monitoring, and more.

Easy-to-use CLI

Use the cb CLI to combine the power of a shell with the ability to deploy, observe, and operate your PostgreSQL.

Performance tuned instances

From hardware to PostgreSQL configuration, Crunchy Bridge is tuned for performance. At deployment, Disk IOPs, RAM, CPU, and Postgres configurations are designed to maximize price-to-performance.

Production-ready from the start

Companies of all sizes, of any enterprise or industry, can benefit from moving operations to PostgreSQL.

Performance-tuned deployment

Team management with access controls

Backups at no-cost

Monitoring 24x7x365 by Crunchy team

Point-in-time recovery

High availability with easy configuration

Cloud + Security

Above-all-else, security is a requirement for data.

Crunchy Certified Postgres

Single-tenant isolation

SOC 2 Certification


VPC and VNET peering

Encryption at-rest and in-transit

Crunchy Bridge Case Study

A 3x performance increase for the same dollar spend

Rival IQ needed to control costs on their cloud Postgres services. Read about how Crunchy Bridge improved performance and operations.

Disaster recovery & high availabilty

Point-in-time-recovery feels like magic, which is why it is provided on all Crunchy Bridge clusters by default. Other clouds make backups settings a complicated form, which creates uncertainty for backups until they are needed — that is too late. High availability is configurable at deployment, or anytime afterwards.

Pricing designed for humans

Crunchy Bridge's pay-as-you-go model is transparent, predictable, and inclusive. Connection pooling and backup storage is included by default in the base price. To learn more about pricing options for Crunchy Bridge.

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Powered Up Postgres

Extensions to supercharge your database

Extend your PostgreSQL with addition of new data types, functions, and functionality.


Open source spatial database extension in PostgreSQL

PG Audit

Open source audit log generator for PostgreSQL


Track statistics for all SQL statements executed by a server


Monitor system resources directly via SQL queries


Manage scale using partitioned tables with time or serial based partitioning


Cron-based job scheduler for data cleanup or customizing database maintenance

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