Trusted PostgreSQL

100% open source PostgreSQL.
Crunchy Data's expertise in large-scale deployments means your enterprise can trust your data will be safe and available.

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Security & Compliance

Certified Crunchy PostgreSQL is the first open source relational database to be certified at Common Criteria EAL 2+. Our open source technology enables your enterprise to securely satisfy compliance under HIPAA or SOX.

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Containers & the Cloud

From running your own database-as-a-service to managing thousands of instances, the Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes enables your enterprise to safely run PostgreSQL at scale on any cloud infrastructure.

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Protecting your Data

Be confident your terabytes of data are safe. Crunchy Data's open source high-availability, disaster recovery and monitoring solutions will keep your system up without high-priced proprietary software.

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The open source PostGIS library turns your PostgreSQL database into the ultimate geospatial data management tool. Enterprise support from Crunchy Data's geospatial experts keeps your GIS data safe and performant.

Supported by Experts

Supported by Experts

24x7 support directly from top PostgreSQL contributors and administrators ensures your enterprise can harness the power and efficiency of open source.

"Crunchy Data has deep PostgreSQL and open source experience and skills, which has translated into the company developing several enterprise packages around security and compliance that have greatly enhanced PostgreSQL's enterprise capabilities."

- James Curtis, Senior Analyst, Data Platforms & Analytics, 451 Research

Let our experts put you on the road to success.

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