Why Postgres

Postgres, one of the most advanced and loved open source databases, is the right choice for your data modernization.

Reliable and safe

Postgres has a long record of being reliable and safe for your data. With PostgreSQL you're building upon a safe foundation that doesn't take shortcuts when it comes to safety of your data.

Feature rich

Postgres is feature rich, with robust datatypes, powerful indexing, and a large set of built-in functions you can use to simplify your data stack and get back to focusing on building your app.

No central owner means no lock-in

Postgres has no central owner, this means you're not locked-in to a single vendor. The core steering team is comprised of no more than 50% representation from any company. Crunchy Data stands as one of the major contributors to the community PostgreSQL code and project.

Give your developers what they want

Hiring is a common concern for any enterprise. With Postgres, hiring and retaining good engineers becomes easier by letting them work with the technologies they want to work with.

More than a database, a data platform

Postgres is more than a relational database, it has evolved to being your trusted data platform. With Postgres you get:

  • A relational database
  • A document database with full JSON support
  • Geospatial support
  • Partitioning for time series data

Scalability with simplicity

You don't require new exotic databases to scale. Crunchy Data users have seen Postgres exceed 100,000s of writes per second and significantly higher on reads with single node Postgres.

Everything you need


The most feature rich open source database


With a rich set of datatypes you can have your database work for you vs. contorting to your applications limitations. With datatypes like timestamps, arrays, JSON, and range types the world is your oyster.

Transactional DDL

With transactional DDL you can feel safe with migration — no more bad migrations leaving your app broken. If an errors occur during a migration Postgres will cleanly roll back, saving you from troubles and heartburn.


JSONB is a full binary format of JSON inside your Postgres database. With rich GIN indexing you can fully index JSON documents inside Postgres.

Rich indexing

Most databases support B-Tree indexing, Postgres has multiple index types giving you even more performance options including GIN, GiST, Sp-GiST, BRIN.


Listen/Notify provides pub/sub directly inside your database. Perfect for real-time dashboards or notifications, or for lightweight queuing from your database.


The Postgres extension framework is unique among databases, allowing functionality to be extended without requiring upstream changes to community Postgres. Crunchy Bridge provides some of the richest support for Postgres extensions.


PostGIS is an extension that turns Postgres into the most advanced open source geospatial database–adding new datatypes, functions, and operators.

Fast column addition

With Postgres columns can be added near instantly without requiring long-lived locks on your tables. Migration shouldn't require downtime and maintenance windows, and Postgres makes it possible.


Upsert, or in technical terms on conflict update, allows you to transactionally have a create or update functionality directly in your database.


Postgres has built-in partitioning allowing you to easily archive unused data, with extensions such as pg_partman Postgres becomes a perfect fit for time-series data.

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