Your solution for always on data requirements

When combined with Kong, Crunchy High Availability provides enterprise users with a backend database for "always on" data requirements.

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API software is a primary asset for your software focused operation and you don't just need redundant application servers; a highly performant back end with HA on the database is essential too. Crunchy PostgreSQL provides a trusted solution for high availability Kong environments. Crunchy offers solutions for both containerized or traditional deployments and automated HA clusters can be created in a matter of seconds with our automated scripting. Our HA environments are backed by skilled 24x7 support staff for your always on requirements and commercial support needs.

PostgreSQL experts

Crunchy Data is your partner for unparalleled expertise to successfully manage your database requirements.

A highly performant and critical Postgres system relies on a skilled team to be there to answer questions and resolve issues as soon as they come up. Crunchy Data has developed a presence in the Postgres community with relationships, trusted tools, and deep PostgreSQL knowledge to deliver the level of support enterprise users expect from their database technology supplier. Crunchy Data has serveral contributors to the PostgreSQL community on our team.

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Zero downtime

Crunchy's solution for Kong Postgres offers a production-ready high availability cluster with built-in failover management and failover times (rpo/rtp) in seconds.

Deployment flexibility

HA Postgres for Kong can be deployed in a variety of scenarios including self hosting, cloud hosting in AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure, and using containers on any of those platforms.


Your Kong API service is the backbone of your development process and performance is key. Crunchy wrote the book on Postgres performance metrics and our solutions are optimized for highly performant workloads.

Disaster recovery

Crunchy Postgres solutions come out of the box with built-in backup and restore processes to protect against disasters and emergencies. Our backup solution point-in-time recovery.


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