Crunchy Bridge for Analytics now has support for Iceberg and other new features. Learn more in our Crunchy Bridge for Analytics announcement.

Included By Default With Crunchy Bridge

Fully managed PostGIS in the cloud

Crunchy Bridge includes PostGIS by default, providing users with a fully managed PostGIS instance on your choice of clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with trusted Crunchy Data support. Bridge is a full-service solution with high availability, automated failover, disaster recovery, point-in-time recovery, monitoring and alerting, all backed by an unparalleled team.

Introducing Container Apps

Now in public beta, you can run lightweight web servers directly inside your database provision. With one sql statement you can run pg_tileserv and pg_featureserv alongside Postgres.

PgRouting and Other Spatial Extensions

Hosted PostGIS with Crunchy Bridge includes the full set of spatial data tools and extensions you need including PgRouting, PostGIS raster, PostGIS topology, and address_standardizer. PostGIS on Crunchy Bridge closely tracks the latest releases of PostGIS and its dependencies for the fastest, most reliable spatial database experience.

Disaster Recovery for PostGIS

Keeping your data safe isn't something you should have to worry about, and with Crunchy Bridge your data is safe. Your data is backed up and replicated every 16MB or 60 seconds, whichever comes first. This means in the event of a disaster scenario we can still get you back up and running without data loss.

Extending Managed PostGIS with Open Source Tile Server

Managed PostGIS with Crunchy Bridge can easily be extended to provide a Tile Server using pg_tileserv, a PostGIS-only tile server in Go. Strip away all the other requirements, it just has to take in HTTP tile requests and form and execute SQL. Learn more about how pg_tileserv enables lightweight tile serving.

Accessing Raster Data with Managed PostGIS in Crunchy Bridge

Crunchy Bridge PostGIS enables access to very large collections of raster data, using nothing but "object storage" (AWS S3, Google CS, Azure Storage, or any HTTP 1.1 server that supports range requests). Learn more.

High Performance PostGIS

PostGIS hosting with Crunchy Bridge provides everything you need to build a lightweight cloud native spatial application using pg_tileservand pg_featureserv. This video from PostGIS Day 2020 provides a quick intro and demo of a lightweight application using these new spatial micro-services.

High Availability PostGIS Hosting

Crunchy Bridge offers a High Availability configuration with the click of a button. Data is automatically replicated to a different availability zone and comes with built-in failover management and failover times (rpo/rto) in seconds. With continuous replication of your PostGIS database, automated monitoring, and automated failover, you don't ever have to worry about data loss; your data is safe with Crunchy Bridge.

Postgres and PostGIS experts

Get the most value from your database

That's right, real PostGIS experts are at your fingertips and not waiting in a support queue. Your team wants to be sure that they have someone to talk to in order to resolve issues in a timely manner. Crunchy Data has developed the relationships, tools, and knowledge to deliver the level of support enterprise users expect from their database technology supplier. With many contributors to the PostGIS and PostgreSQL community on our team, Crunchy Data offers the unparalleled expertise to get the most value from your database.

PostGIS hosting in the cloud of your choice

Choose between AWS, Azure, or GCP in many different regions and availability zones.


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Support from the PostgreSQL experts

Crunchy Data has a diverse and talented team of engineers and architects to support your PGO installation available 24x7x365. Talk to us today about the support subscription that is right for you.

Cloud native PostGIS for Kubernetes

If you're looking to bring PostGIS to containers in a cloud native approach or modernizing your dev process with GitOps, look at our Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes offering. Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes delivered through a production grade Kubernetes Operator offers Postgres with fully automated scripting, high availability, and 24x7 support.

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