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Unlock the Power of AI in Postgres

Build and scale your business with AI in your Postgres database. In-database AI tools backed by highly available, performant, and scalable PostgreSQL solutions. Supported by the experts at Crunchy Data.

Transform Your Database Experience with AI-Driven Postgres

Vector database supported by pgvector on the Postgres platform of your choice.

Vector databases are designed to perform similarity searches and nearest neighbor queries efficiently. They leverage specialized indexing techniques and algorithms to quickly retrieve vectors that are most similar to a given query vector. Vector databases are particularly useful in applications such as recommendation systems, content-based search, anomaly detection, and clustering. Postgres is easily extended to be a high performance vector database with the pgvector extension, supported on all Crunchy Data platforms.

Store and query embeddings

Easily add relatedness and embeddings to the database you are already using


Easily connect to OpenAI or other embedding services offering AI modeling


Utilize in-database tools optimized for storing and querying high-dimensional vectors


High-performance indexing using ANN, KNN, and HNSW algorithms


Embedded into the trusted and secure Postgres tools ecosystem

Choose your scale

Easily scale your operation up or down

AI capabilities + deployment flexibility for Postgres

Fully managed cloud

Power your AI with cloud Postgres managed by Crunchy Bridge available on AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Utilize your existing investment in the container landscape and bring AI to your Postgres Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes . Certified for Red Hat OpenShift.


Crunchy PostgreSQL is a supported solution for self-hosted environments in VMs or cloud.

Why Postgres for AI?

Drive business value with AI by backing your application with a trusted database like Postgres on a solid foundation. Supported Postgres solutions means faster time to market. You can be up and running with a production grade Postgres cluster in minutes. Backups are built in with disaster recovery and optional high availability. Choosing Crunchy Postgres means you’ll get to a production service faster with a back end you can depend on.

Utilize existing data for new endeavors

Reduce time to market, saving time and resources.

Focus on strategic initiatives while your database manages routine tasks intelligently.

Optimal price to performance, reducing infrastructure costs.

Optimize your queries for lightning-fast performance.

Focus on strategic initiatives while your database manages routine tasks intelligently.

Scale AI with Confidence

Do you have an AI idea that might go viral overnight? Don’t get caught with an infrastructure that’s unstable and clunky to scale. Crunchy Postgres easily scales by allowing in place machine resizing and read replica scaling. You can go from 100GB to 1TB in a couple hours. This all happens without downtime or service interruption and can be easily reversed later.

We know that AI is changing every day and you need to scale up or maybe even down while you manage costs and infrastructure. Replicate recently moved to Crunchy Bridge and they recently and they were so glad they did.

Replicate quote, We moved to Crunchy at a time when our database was easy to move and I’m glad we did. We’ve just had a massive amount of growth and Crunchy has been with us every step of the way. Our team has been slammed lately and I’m glad we didn’t have to worry about our database.
Icon symbolizing high availability and disaster recovery for your Postgres database

Always on

Crunchy Postgres solutions are production ready from day one with built-in failover management. Backups are included automatically and you have continuous protection of your database allowing you to rollback to any point in time in the last 10 days.

You know AI, We know Postgres

Your engineering team needs to focus on features, models, machine learning, and building out your core product. You know your core business will need a database of record for metadata and business information. Leave the database management and worry to us. Crunchy Postgres solutions gives you more time with your AI code, Large Language Models, and statistics and less time worrying about your database.

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