PostgreSQL Is Our Business

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PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with more than 20 years of active development. The active community, proven architecture and reputation for reliability, data integrity, feature robustness, and ease-of-use make PostgreSQL the prime candidate for enterprises looking to move from expensive proprietary technologies.

Crunchy Data is committed to ongoing PostgreSQL development by enabling our team to contribute both to the core PostgreSQL database and affiliated projects such as PostGIS, pgaudit, pgBackRest, and pgmonitor.

Open Source Initiative

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Crunchy Data is committed to building the PostgreSQL community by actively supporting and contributing core database enhancements to the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. Our software is 100% open source so our customers are not exposed to vendor lock in.

Our customers can have confidence that Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL will always be 100% open source and supported by an active development community.