The Crunchy Data Subscription

A Crunchy Data support subscription unlocks all of the resources, expert support, and tools needed to deploy the power of PostgreSQL technologies in your organization

There are so many benefits to being a Crunchy Data subscription customer. Here are a few...

Commercial support whenever and wherever you need it

Crunchy Data employs some of the top contributors to PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and the associated open source ecosystem of tools and technologies. There is no better team to solve for your complex enterprise needs. Technical expertise is at the center of what we do.


1 hour or less response time, guaranteed

Global support

Enterprise Support
for Open Source

Crunchy Enterprise PostgreSQL Support provides enterprises with the best of both worlds -- the benefits and freedom of open source technology combined with SLAs, patch support, and bug fixes for PostgreSQL that enterprises need. Crunchy Data only deploys 100% open source software. Our commitment to open source allows our customers to be free of vendor lock-in.

Plans Tailored for
Your Team

From a single-core to thousands of PostgreSQL instances, on bare-metal, in virtual machines, or on containers in OpenShift, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, or other architectures, Crunchy Data works with enterprises of all sizes to ensure your data is safe and secure. Our experienced team of support engineers and consultants, available 24x7x365, will ensure your business requirements are met and your data operations are continuously running.

Guidance within the PostgreSQL Community

Migrating to open source has clear cost advantages, but your team wants to be sure that they have someone to talk to in order to resolve issues in a timely manner. Crunchy Data has developed the relationships, tools, and knowledge to deliver the level of support enterprise users expect from their database technology supplier. With many contributors to the PostgreSQL community on our team, Crunchy Data offers unparalleled expertise to successfully manage your database requirements.

What's included in a subscription?

As an active Crunchy Data subscription customer, you have access to everything you need to run all your databases reliably and more securely. A subscription gives you access to a group of experts, knowledge resources, security updates, and support tools.

Ongoing Delivery

  • Patches
  • Bug fixes
  • Updates
  • Upgrades

Technical Support

  • 24/7 availability
  • Unlimited incidents
  • Specialty-based routing
  • Multi-vendor case ownership
  • Multi-channel

Industry Ecosystem

  • Hardware certifications
  • Software certifications
  • Cloud Provider certifications
  • Software assurance


  • Red Hat Product Security
  • Crunchy Data Customer Portal
  • Knowledgebase

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