Kalibre | A Crunchy Case Study

Kalibre Automates Enterprise Deployment and Achieves 30% Cost Savings with Crunchy Data Postgres

Open Source Migration
Leveraging Automation

Kalibre is a software and professional services company specializing in IT services and infrastructure in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2007, they analyze, design and deploy operational and business intelligence solutions for a variety of projects, focusing on the public safety and communications industry.

Kalibre has been working with the Crunchy Data customer teams in Australia on a Crunchy Postgres implementation for its on-prem database services. The backend app is a popular Operations Bridge Manager product from MicroFocus which Kalibre provides as "Kalibre Operations Bridge Solution". Crunchy Postgres now powers Kalibre’s Operations Bridge Solution, Kalibre Insight Performance Dashboard, and Performance Reporting to help identify issues and make data driven decisions.

Shifting from Closed Source

Historically, many of Kalibre’s large partner projects were hosted with proprietary databases like Microsoft SQL Server. Knowing that a migration to open source software could save its clients on total cost of operation, Kalibre began looking for a partner to offer commercial and enterprise support for Postgres. Kalibre’s primary client looking for large scale cost savings was one of the triple zero (000) operators. Kalibre knew that they needed a commercially supported database solution with no downtime. Reliability here was key.

Kalibre chose Crunchy Data for the opportunity to combine the cost savings of open source with reliability and performance. Postgres was a completely new database to Kalibre and the Crunchy team provided a smooth transition from their incumbent database vendor without having to retrain staff on Postgres, HA, DR tools, automation or Linux.

Easy Migration

One of Kablire’s main projects used an underlying Micro Focus product that already supported Postgres, making the decision to migrate to open source simple. Kablire now runs Crunchy Postgres with high availability on Red Hat Linux (RHEL) VMs using the same hardware as its previous implementation, which ran on a closed source operating system and database. Kalibre worked closely with Crunchy’s local solutions architect to implement Crunchy Postgres with the correct specifications and best practices for its hardware and application.

Data migrations can be difficult and high risk, but with Crunchy Data we were blown away at how smooth and simple things went.

Sean NewmanDirector & Principal Consultant

With the help of the Crunchy Data team, Kalibre has been able to successfully move one of its large telco projects off of Microsoft SQL and achieved the performance enhancements it has been seeking. Kalibre estimates a savings of 20-30 percent on its total cost of operation, moving from Windows and SQL servers to Enterprise OpenSource Stack, Red Hat and Crunchy Data Postgres. The savings have been passed onto clients and for use in future contracts and project planning.

Embedded Postgres Solutions

Kalibre is one of several consulting firms working to bring Crunchy products to its customers. Embedded solutions allow for IT agencies like Kalibre to offer open source database services at a fraction of the cost of proprietary databases. Crunchy’s hands-on solutions architecture team got their IT team up and running with Crunchy Postgres deployments and served as Kalibre’s expert support.

Always On Support

Kalibre was able to leverage Crunchy Postgres automation to provide “day 2” database deployment activities like HA clustering, backups, DR, and monitoring on its deployments in a matter of minutes. Crunchy worked closely with Kalibre’s team to implement the automation to match its needs and specifications.

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