Swiss Federal Projects Run Hundreds of Databases on Kubernetes with Crunchy PostgreSQL

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The Swiss Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunications (FOITT) provides a range of technical services, including databases, to the Swiss Government IT projects. They were using several different database deployment methods and wanted to standardize on one process to leverage a GitOps workflow. Having worked with both self-managed Postgres as well as RDS, FOITT was looking to unify and simplify their Postgres deployment strategy.

As part of our PaaS (Platform as a Service) environment on Kubernetes, PostgreSQL has been set as the new strategic relational database and sets a strong focus on open source technologies.

David JörgPostgres Product Owner at the FOITT

A perfect fit for databases on Kubernetes

FOITT was delighted to learn that Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes was Level 5 certified. Crunchy Data is one of Red Hat’s trusted Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with Red Hat certified technology and a certified Operator on Crunchy Data and Red Hat work in tandem to test and develop a best-in-class operating system and database software for use cases like some of FOITT's projects.

Starting with PGO

FOITT began its journey with Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes by working with PGO, the Postgres Operator for Kubernetes. In their testing and development labs they were able to work with PGO and the community to understand the technical fundamentals. They eventually moved from testing the community/development versions of PGO to become a full subscription customer, receiving 24x7x365 support and all Postgres versions and container images to support their production use case.

Databases serving a plethora of projects

The FOITT has been able to use its new declarative GitOps workflow to securely and routinely deploy database resources to a large variety of projects to benefit the people of Switzerland. Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes is used by quite a few organisational units of the Swiss Government and use cases, the FOPH SwissCovid app and Cancer Registration Software for example. With the Crunchy Data toolkit, they are able to manage at scale. The number of databases that they can manage now far exceeds what they could do before with the same staff. The FOITT is able to use a trusted supply chain of Postgres, extensions, operator, builds and GitOps.

Using Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes allows us and our customers to order databases in self-service mode, enabling rapid development cycles and substantially shortened deployment times.

David JörgPostgres Product Owner at the FOITT

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