Crunchy Bridge for Analytics now has support for Iceberg and other new features. Learn more in our Crunchy Bridge for Analytics announcement.

The best way to deploy, manage, and grow Postgres on AWS

Crunchy Bridge is a fully managed hosted Postgres database-as-a-service on AWS. Bridge is a full service solution with high availability, automated failover and self healing, disaster recovery, point-in-time recovery, monitoring and alerting, all backed by an unparalleled PostgreSQL focused team.

Fully managed cloud Postgres on AWS

Crunchy Bridge takes the guesswork and setup out of getting Postgres on AWS. You can spin up a new instance with high availability, create replicas, and restore a point-in-time backup - all from the Bridge console with a click or from our developer API. Crunchy Bridge is designed to be production ready out of the box. There's no need to mess around with the PostgreSQL configuration and settings - simply provision your database and get started!

Made and supported by PostgreSQL experts

Crunchy Data is completely committed to the PostgreSQL ecosystem and community projects. Many members of the Crunchy team are on the Postgres core team or support important ecosystem projects. Our focus on Postgres means that your database instance and support experience is better optimized and tailored for specific PostgreSQL needs. Our support team is available 24x7 in the console - that means no more waiting in a long support queue for escalation to an engineer. Talk to our experts now!

Peered to your AWS VPC

All Crunchy Bridge databases run in their own isolated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). With your database running in a single tenant environment that is VPC isolated, you can worry less about noisy neighbors impacting your performance. Easily peer your PostgreSQL database to your existing VPC for additional security within AWS.

Connection pooling built-in

Connection pooling is a good practice for any production application. Crunchy Bridge removes the complexity of connection management by giving you pgBouncer, the best in class Postgres connection pooler, right alongside your database. If you're not using pgBouncer today, chances are it'd be a win for performance for your application. Read more on why you should have it in place on our blog.

Multi-AZ high availability

Crunchy Bridge offers a High Availability configuration with the click of a button. Data is automatically replicated to a different availability zone and comes built-in failover management and failover times (rpo/rto) in seconds. With continuous replication of your AWS database, automated monitoring, and automated failover, you don't ever have to worry about data loss; your data is safe with Crunchy Bridge.

Disaster recovery

Bridge comes out of the box with built-in streaming backups every 60 seconds or 16MB (whichever is smaller), restore process, and point-in-time recovery. That means your database is all ready to go the first time you provision your instance.

Run in your account

Crunchy Bridge is available to run directly in your account and provision against your own resources. If you have a large AWS contract commitment, we can help you have more control over your databases while letting you worry about one less thing. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help.

Looking for cloud native?

If you're looking to bring Postgres to containers on AWS in a cloud native approach, look at our Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes offering. Crunchy PostgreSQL is delivered through the production grade PGO, the PostgreSQL Operator from Crunchy Data, with fully automated scripting, high availability, and 24x7 support.

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