How does Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes compare to EDB Postgres for Kubernetes?

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes is the leading Kubernetes native solution for deploying, managing and administering Postgres at scale and in production. Trusted in mission critical systems for over 6 years, it remains the right choice of your Postgres on Kubernetes requirements.

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes
EDB Postgres for Kubernetes
Initial Release
Current Version
Posgres Version
Kubernetes Version
Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes (CPK)
EDB Postgres for Kubernetes (EDB)
High Availability

Built on Patroni, a trusted open source component.

CPK is designed to be resilient to failures, even when the operator container is down or the Kubernetes API is not available. By leveraging failsafe mode if we cannot reach the Kubernetes APIs your Postgres is still highly available.

Leverages proprietary EBD failover manager.

EDB relies on underlying guarantees of Kubernetes cluster being operable and the Operator container being accessible. If the Kubernetes cluster is not operable it cannot take actions on behalf of the cluster, reducing availability guarantees. If the EDB operator container is not accessible, your Postgres clusters are not highly available.


Built-in support for Operator, minor version, and major version upgrades means you are easily secure and up to date.

Built in support for Operator and minor Postgres version updates. No support for major version upgrades means upgrading requires up to weeks of engineering effort, or significant downtime.


Full monitoring stack included with CPK, which includes monitoring all database instances within your cluster including replicas.

EDB provides the ability to export your metrics, but no stack for monitoring those. No replica export is available with the exports.

Postgres features, functionality and extensions

Seamless integration with linux huge page support provides performance boosts without additional configuration

Citus support for sharded support included within CPK.

PostGIS and Timescale integrated as part of CPK.

Huge page support has to be manually configured to gain performance.

No Citus support, so any sharding for scaling must take manual approaches

PostGIS is available from community containers, but not officially maintained. Timescale not available.

Database management tools

Fully managed pgAdmin, with optional auto-discovery of clusters in the same namespace.

No managed pgAdmin. Install pgAdmin, configure and maintain it yourself.

Security and maintenance

CPK offers common criteria and Red Hat certified builds of all of its containers. Customers have access to monthly rebuilds of containers to address CVE’s. Upgrades between versions are simple and extremely low risk. All container builds are rigorously tested before release.

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes offers Red Hat certification for their operator container, and new versions of their operator about every other month.

Backup and Restore

CPK offers the most comprehensive and trusted backup system for postgres. Leveraging the best of breed pgBackRest for WAL archiving and all backups, it allows for advanced backup architectures including multi-repository encompassing both cloud and local backup stores, incremental backups everywhere, and the ability to leverage multiple processors to minimize backup times.

EDB leverages various tools for cloud, WAL and local backups. EDB allows for incremental backups only using local native kubernetes snapshots.


CPK consists of open source and community developed components, assembled and certified to work together.

EDB’s licensing is opaque, and the end product is assembled using a mix of open and closed source tools.