Crunchy Data Certified Training

Complete our Crunchy Data Certified Training to further your PostgreSQL technical skills and earn official Crunchy Data Certification.

Certified PostgreSQL Database Administration Training

Three days of in-person or virtual workshops that cover:

Introduction to PostgreSQL

Basic query performance

Data concurrency and locking

Monitoring and tools

Load testing

Streaming replication

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Setup a test environment with sample data
  • Monitor database activity and statistics
  • Look for problems in the server's log files
  • Read the output of a query plan
  • Deploy a high-availability standby replica
  • Evaluate tools for analyzing the server's workload
  • Setup the server postgresql.conf for a production system
  • Monitor which queries are using up the most server resources
  • Add and remove table indexes based on a production workload
  • Look for queries that are stuck or locking excessively
  • Evaluate tools for server monitoring and problem alerting
  • Monitor whether a replica is keeping up with the master's traffic
  • Understand what background maintenance the database does automatically
  • Outline architectures for scaling PostgreSQL servers across multiple nodes

This training is ideal for:

Database administrators, systems administrators, or developers with working knowledge of SQL and database usage. Knowledge of the command line interface to a Linux system is needed to complete all of the workshop exercises.

This training is available to Crunchy Data subscription customers. If your organization is interested in learning more about our Enterprise PostgreSQL Support Subscription and this training program contact us today.

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