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Crunchy Bridge, a developer-friendly Postgres database service backed by Crunchy Data enterprise support, is now available through the Azure Marketplace.

Charleston, SC (June 22, 2022) Crunchy Data - the leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL, is proud to announce the availability of Crunchy Bridge on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace, an online storefront that contains services and applications built by industry leading technology companies.

Azure Marketplace offers thousands of apps and services from Microsoft and partners, certified and optimized to run on Azure. The availability of Crunchy Bridge on Azure Marketplace now provides users with a fully managed Postgres service from the Postgres experts at Crunchy Data, including:

  • Built-in backups and disaster recovery
  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Multi-AZ high availability
  • Rich set of extensions including PL/Python with data science libraries
  • Pause/Resume
  • Postgres Container Apps
  • Full super user access

"Crunchy Bridge is the leading fully managed Postgres service for developers at organizations of all sizes," said SVP of Product Craig Kerstiens. "The Azure Marketplace enables us to partner with Microsoft to bring Crunchy Bridge's market leading Postgres experience natively to Azure users."

Crunchy Bridge sits alongside Crunchy Data's trusted Postgres technology including: Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes, a cloud-native Postgres solution built with PGO; the Crunchy Postgres Operator, that enables on-demand and production ready Postgres on Kubernetes; and Crunchy HA PostgreSQL, a powerful "always on" clustered Postgres solution for VM-based environments featuring advanced automation for deployment and maintenance. With Crunchy Data, enterprises now have the ultimate choice in Postgres management and the ability to modernize their data infrastructure for modern applications.

You can get started with Crunchy Bridge through Microsoft Azure Marketplace today by visiting the Apps page.

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Crunchy Data allows companies to build with confidence as the leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL and enterprise technology, support and training. Crunchy Data offers Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL, the most advanced and true open source RDBMS on the market. The company also offers Crunchy Bridge, a fully managed cloud Postgres service available on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. PostgreSQL's active development community, proven architecture, and reputation for reliability, data integrity, and ease of use makes it a prime candidate for enterprises looking for a robust relational database alternative to expensive proprietary database technologies. Learn more at

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