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Crunchy Data and ORock Technologies Partnership Brings Trusted Open Source Cloud Native PostgreSQL to Federal Government

Crunchy Data

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ORock will provide Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes in its ORock Secure Containers as a Service Environment

RESTON, VA., November 12, 2019Crunchy Data and ORock® Technologies, Inc. today announced a partnership to bring Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes to ORock’s FedRAMP authorized container application Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. Through this collaboration, Crunchy Data and ORock will offer PostgreSQL-as-a-Service within ORock's Secure Containers as a Service with Red Hat OpenShift environment. The combined offering provides a fully managed Database as a Service (DBaaS) solution that enables the deployment of containerized PostgreSQL in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification and provides Red Hat OpenShift users with the ability to provision trusted open source PostgreSQL clusters, elastic workloads, high availability, disaster recovery, and enterprise authentication systems. By integrating with the Red Hat OpenShift platform within ORock’s cloud environments, Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes leverages the ability of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to unite developers and IT operations on a single FedRAMP-compliant platform to build, deploy, and manage applications consistently across hybrid cloud infrastructures.

The ORock Secure Containers solution is a fully managed, FedRAMP authorized PaaS solution. It is hosted and accessed through ORockCloud, a FedRAMP Moderate cloud built specifically for government agencies and highly regulated commercial organizations to satisfy their stringent requirements for security, performance, cost predictability, and control. This enterprise-grade open source environment is the first and only FedRAMP Moderate cloud that incorporates both Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. It features enhanced security without vendor lock-in and a flat-rate OpEx billing model for data transport with no egress fees.

“Providing a secure database capability is a key component of ORock’s managed service portfolio, particularly for applications we bring through the FedRAMP authorization process,” said John Conniff, Chief Operating Officer of ORock Technologies. "Crunchy Data’s enterprise PostgreSQL support enhances our ability to offer our customers industry-leading open source solutions inside our FedRAMP authorized cloud.”

“Crunchy Data is committed to providing organizations with the power and efficiency of enterprise-ready, trusted open source PostgreSQL on their choice of infrastructure – on-premises, private, or public cloud," said Paul Laurence, President of Crunchy Data. "Partnering with ORock brings Crunchy PostgreSQL to ORock's FedRAMP authorized cloud platform, providing government agencies and highly regulated commercial organizations with a true open source database-as-a-service in a secure, performant and cost predictable cloud environment.”

About Crunchy Data

Crunchy Data is the leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL and enterprise PostgreSQL technology, support and training. Crunchy Data offers Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL, the most advanced true open source RDBMS on the market. Crunchy Data is a leading provider of cloud native PostgreSQL – providing open source, cloud-agnostic PostgreSQL-as-a-Service solutions. PostgreSQL’s active development community, proven architecture, and reputation for reliability, data integrity, and ease of use makes it a prime candidate for enterprises looking for a robust relational database alternative to expensive proprietary database technologies. Learn more

About ORock Technologies

ORock Technologies provides secure infrastructure and cloud services for government agencies and enterprises in highly regulated commercial industries. The company operates a private, high-performance fiber optic network and an enterprise-grade open source cloud to meet the most stringent customer requirements for data security, performance, cost predictability, and control.

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