Crunchy Data Announces Red Hat OpenShift Certification of Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0

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Charleston, S.C. (June 15, 2021) Crunchy Data — the leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL products, support, and training — announces the release of its next generation Kubernetes-native Postgres offering, Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes. Powered by PGO, the open source Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data, Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0 provides a declarative interface for creating automatically managed, production-ready Postgres clusters in Kubernetes compatible with GitOps workflows.

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes is certified for Red Hat OpenShift, recognized as a Kubernetes Operator with a Level 5 certification on Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes is certified for use with several Red Hat products, including the Red Hat Quay registry.

"Crunchy Data works with Red Hat to bring trusted open source Postgres into the Red Hat ecosystem through proven, certified solutions geared towards enterprise requirements," says Jonathan Katz, VP of Platform Engineering at Crunchy Data. "Through this collaboration, Crunchy Data and Red Hat have made it possible to further adopt open source Postgres for mission-critical applications."

“Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, fueled by open source innovation and Kubernetes Operators,” said Julio Tapia, senior director, Partner Ecosystem, Core Cloud Platforms, Red Hat. “We are pleased to collaborate with Crunchy Data to achieve Red Hat OpenShift Certification for its latest Postgres solution and extend support for enterprise customers looking for Kubernetes-native offerings in the marketplace.”

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0 builds on years of experience from Crunchy Data deploying and managing trusted open source Postgres in mission-critical Kubernetes environments. This new release emphasizes deploying Postgres using a "declarative workflow," allowing developers to manage their infrastructure as code. Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0 provides advanced resiliency and healing mechanisms that ensure key components are always available and rebuilt, and lets Postgres clusters manage key functions, such as high availability and backups, without a single-point-of-failure.

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes 5.0, currently in private beta, is available on Red Hat Marketplace and joins other Red Hat certified technology such as Crunchy HA PostgreSQL for Red Hat Ansible Tower and Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL, which is Common Criteria Certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Crunchy Data is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Red Hat Summit. Register now to join us on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 12:00pm EDT to learn more about Postgres on OpenShift the GitOps Way from Crunchy Data, visit Crunchy Data at our virtual booth, or sign up for our webinar.

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