Crunchy Bridge For Analytics

Postgres Extended To Support State Of The Art Analytics

Connect Postgres to your cloud object storage for fast, vectorized analytical queries using a best in class production Postgres platform.

Query your data where it lives

Simplify your data management, no need for complex and costly to maintain data pipelines. Work with your data in Postgres or natively where it lives in data lakes such as S3. Flexible to work with your data how exists from CSV to Parquet, you have the choice of how to manage your data without complexity.

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Production Postgres for your Analytics


Fully managed at no cost. Restore to any point in time.

Disaster Recovery

Cross zone automated failover for groups that need rto in seconds.

Scale in place

In place resizing for more memory or storage. Easily scale out with read replicas.

VPC Isolation

Isolated data plane with peering to your cloud network.

Database Insights

Key metrics to keep you in the know with what is happening with your database with monitoring included.

Querying & Collaboration

Get help every step of the way with our Postgres focused support team.

Same queries in a fraction of the time

If you’re curious how Crunchy Bridge for Analytics stacks up, we ran the tests for you.



Faster than Postgres

Clickbench Analytics Time Performed on Analytics-64*




Crunchy Bridge for Analytics (uncached)
Crunchy Bridge for Analytics (cached)

Seamlessly work with your data lake

A cloud native approach for modern data architectures

  • Simple S3 integration
  • CSV support
  • Parquet support
  • Vectorized execution

Best-in-class Support for Postgres

Crunchy Bridge is a completely different support experience with a hand's on Postgres expert guiding you every step of the way. If you're just a developer starting out or a more seasoned DBA, you'll appreciate thorough, timeline, and in-depth responses. Many of our customers find support ticket responses to be some of their team's most valuable resources. Our team is passionate about Postgres education giving you all the information and tools to make informed choices. You won't be waiting in a support queue or waiting for your ticket to get escalated. You'll get our most seasoned experts no matter your database size or spend.

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