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Cloud-Native Enterprise PostgreSQL

To run an enterprise production deployment of PostgreSQL that fully utilizes the Cloud Foundry platform, you need more than just a database. Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry provides advanced capabilities for high-availability, disaster recovery, backup/restore, and monitoring, all from the convenience of an easy-to-install service tile.
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Certified PostgreSQL for the Cloud

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry is the trusted, open source distribution of PostgreSQL backed with the assurance of Common Criteria EAL 2+ certification.
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Certified for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry is cloud-agnostic and certified for production deployment with Pivotal Cloud Foundry. By leveraging BOSH deployment, Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry supports all major public clouds and enables hybrid in on-premise and public cloud environments.

Backed by Crunchy Enterprise PostgreSQL Support, enterprises have the confidence of 24x7x365 reliability in their data availability.

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Confidently Deploy the Worlds Most Advanced Open Source Database

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry brings BOSH deployed Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL to Cloud Foundry. Developers can easily deploy a production-ready PostgreSQL cluster within a Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) environment through a PCF Service Tile.
Crunchy PostgreSQL for Cloud Foundry provides PostgreSQL infrastructure necessary to support enterprise requirements including:
  • Full compatibility with Cloud Foundry and any BOSH compatible systems
  • Cloud-agnostic: build your own database-as-a-service in any public, private, or hybrid cloud
  • No forks: 100% open source, native PostgreSQL
  • Backup, restore, & disaster recovery for terabytes of data
  • Graphical database administration tools for simple point-and-click database management
  • Open source database monitoring and graphing tools to help analyze and create administration strategies
  • PostGIS, robust open source GIS 🌎 functionality, included by default
  • Access to certified builds for Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL
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