Crunchy PostgreSQL with High Availability on Ansible Tower

When combined with Red Hat Ansible Tower, Crunchy PostgreSQL streamlines a high availability environment set up. Our support team ensures that your enterprise data is secure and always accessible.

Crunchy PostgreSQL makes it easy to automate the creation of highly available Postgres environments for both single and multi-data center environments on Ansible Tower. Crunchy provides tooling allowing you to standardize how your PostgreSQL environments are provisioned and managed. Have maximum flexibility in how you deploy PostgreSQL. Choose if you want your data replicated synchronously and how many sites you want it replicated to, while still orchestrating with a single command.

Automatic Failover and Self-Healing

A self-healing resilient database cluster is at the core of every high availability solution and ours is no exception. Crunchy PostgreSQL offers built-in failover management and failover times (rpo/rto) in seconds. Our clients also experience increased uptime and zero downtime database environments. Select your number of replicas and durability.

Automated Deployments

With large scale Postgres deployments, automation streamlines your database administration tasks including creation/provision, destroy, configure, upgrade. With a scripted solution, you can rely on code to increase consistency and reduce errors. Create an entire PostgreSQL HA environment with one command. Provision your standby in other data centers or other geographic regions. Crunchy PostgreSQL integration with Ansible Tower gives you access to powerful APIs to control your deployments with carefully controlled privileges and access.

Grafana chart displaying monitoring metrics for your PostgreSQL clusters

Mission Control

Deploying Crunchy Postgres with high availability tools on Ansible Tower gives you a bird's eye view of your databases. Gain an overview of past and present, the ability to schedule Postgres activities and monitor your cluster health from variety of vantage points.

Disaster Recovery

Every database needs backups and the Crunchy PostgreSQL solution comes out of the box with built-in backup and restore processes to protect against disasters and emergencies. Our backup solution also includes features for point-in-time recovery.


Crunchy PostgreSQL for Ansible Tower is backed by Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 2+ certified) using 100% open source tools.

Expert Support

Crunchy PostgreSQL is backed by an expert Postgres support team deeply embedded in the community and is available 24x7 to support our clients.

Grafana chart displaying monitoring metrics for your PostgreSQL clusters

You Control the Deployment

Crunchy PostgreSQL works on a variety of installations: from bare metal, to VMs, to cloud. You can choose to have a single data center or multiple. Our Kubernetes product is also supported on Ansible Tower on OpenShift and other platforms.

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