Crunchy PostgreSQL with High Availability on JFrog

Crunchy PostgreSQL provides enterprise JFrog users with a high availability backend database for "always on" data requirements.

Continuous integration and deployment software is a primary asset for the software-focused operation. In addition to redundant application servers, you also need a highly performant backend with HA on the database. Crunchy PostgreSQL provides a trusted solution for high availability JFrog environments in a self-hosted scenario.

Crunchy offers solutions for both containerized or traditional deployments and automated HA clusters can be created in a matter of seconds with our automated scripting. Our HA environments are backed by skilled 24x7 support for your always-on requirements and commercial support needs.

Zero Downtime

High availability Crunchy PostgreSQL provides failover management and failover times (rpo/rtp) in seconds for zero downtime environments. Cluster designs include self-healing automation and resilience.

PostgreSQL Experts

JFrog provides expertise on the HA configuration for your application servers and you'll need to provide database expertise. Your team wants to be sure that they have someone to talk to in order to resolve issues in a timely manner. Crunchy Data has developed the relationships, tools, and knowledge to deliver the level of support enterprise users expect from their database technology supplier. With many contributors to the PostgreSQL community on our team,

Crunchy Data offers unparalleled expertise to successfully manage your database requirements.


Your JFrog is the backbone of your development process and performance is a priority. Crunchy developers have extensive experience working on Postgres performance and our solutions are optimized for high performance workloads.

Disaster Recovery

The Crunchy PostgreSQL HA JFrog solution comes with built-in backup and restore processes out of the box, including point-in-time recovery for your disaster recovery strategy.


Feel confident and secure in your use of the most trusted open source Postgres distribution. Crunchy HA is backed by Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL which is Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 2+ certified.

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