Crunchy Announces Open Source Multi-Level Security Enabled PostgreSQL


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Charleston, SC and Washington, DC - Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc. (Crunchy), a provider of enterprise PostgreSQL support, technology and training, today announced the release of Crunchy MLS PostgreSQL, an open source database distribution supporting multi-level security.

Crunchy MLS PostgreSQL was developed to support the relational database requirements of the U.S. Government’s Centralized Super Computer Facility. Crunchy is proud to be a part of the Multi-Level Security Ecosystem that includes participants such as Lockheed Martin, Red Hat® and Seagate to provide high performance at massive scale while protecting data internally and externally.

Crunchy CEO Bob Laurence said, “Crunchy MLS PostgreSQL provides an innovative open source alternative to legacy relational database technologies.  With this solution, mission-critical programs can benefit from the combined cost efficiencies of Multi-Level Security and Open Source Software.”

Crunchy and Lockheed Martin collaborated closely to provide PostgreSQL as an open source relational database for multi-level security (MLS) applications in a Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.5+ environment, ensuring that the solution met specialized security requirements and took full advantage of the newly powerful Red Hat® environment.

Crunchy MLS PostgreSQL is built on PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source database. Crunchy MLS PostgreSQL extends PostgreSQL through integration with the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.5+ SELinux functionality in order to provide:

  • Ability to manage data creation and manipulation permissions based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.5+ SELinux Security Policies.

  • Ability to control all data access based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.5+ SELinux
    Security Policies, network connections and users.

With the Red Hat® and Crunchy solution, users with a higher security level (such as Top Secret) can now read lower-level security data seamlessly, and the system automatically re-labels the data security level if higher-level users make changes.

Full source code of Crunchy Certified MLS PostgreSQL is available open source.

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source, object-relational database system with more than 15 years of active development and a strong global development community. Enterprises with a focus on data management cost reduction can benefit from PostgreSQL’s proven architecture and reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness.

About Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc.

Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc. (Crunchy) is a leading provider of open source enterprise PostgreSQL support, technology and training to national security and critical infrastructure enterprises. Crunchy’s Secure Enterprise Support provides exclusively U.S.-based PostgreSQL support to enterprises with a particular focus on supply chain security. When combined with Crunchy’s on-premise PostgreSQL professional services and PostgreSQL training, Crunchy enables enterprises to confidently deploy PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source database, as a dramatically less costly, and yet no less secure, open source relational database solution.

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