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Anagraph | A Crunchy Case Study

Anagraph Hosts Geospatial Applications on Crunchy Bridge

on Crunchy Bridge
Less management
Geospatial extension support
PostGIS and H3

Anagraph is a geospatial engineering company building location intelligence, analytics, and custom applications. Anagraph’s core projects are based on existing location data that’s loaded into its platform and analyzed. Anagraph’s customer base includes municipal governments, utilities, and commercial businesses with location data collected on the customer end. Anagraph helps take that data and make it available to customers for specific use cases. Anagraph has written a custom import process using an ELT (extract, load, transform) tool to move data into their ideal format and platform. Anagraph enjoys using Postgres with PostGIS and running their applications with a multi-tenant configuration. Each use case is isolated using Postgres tools to limit read and write to specific users.

Looking for the full geospatial toolkit

Anagraph was self-hosting its infrastructure on Google Kubernetes Engine and wanted to streamline the infrastructure, lower costs, and reduce development time. They researched fully managed options and several Amazon Web Service products including RDS and Aurora to be able to move off of their self-managed GKE Postgres instance.

They soon realized that not only did they want a managed database, but they would need support for their essential extensions used with PostGIS in their projects. They also needed a partner that supported H3 , the hexagonal geospatial indexing system. Anagraph was familiar with Crunchy through our support of the pg_tilesev tool they use, so they reached out to learn more about using H3 with our managed Postgres service, Crunchy Bridge .

We reached out to Crunchy about supporting a new extension we needed and it was ready for us to use in two weeks.

Zachary DézielProduct Manager at Anagraph

Not all clouds are the same

The overhead of self-managing the databases with all of the necessary extensions was quite a bit of work. Anagraph also discovered during research and testing that not all cloud services are the same.

There’s more management with the other cloud providers. There was a lot for us to do and worry about on all the other platforms we looked at. The time that we’re now saving on database management with Crunchy we can spend on our customers.

Zachary Déziel

Anagraph had a pretty sophisticated migration over to Crunchy Bridge. They moved data into the system project by project, instead of doing a large cutover and leveraged the DBT (Data Building Tool) to stream data from their old system to the new one. This let them use a Blue-Green deployment and migration path, rather than having to manage a large cutover and migration project.

Anagraph is really happy with their move to Crunchy Bridge. They’re reducing costs, reducing operational overhead, and getting all the extensions and support they need to build and grow their customer applications.

My favorite feature is probably the alerts. They just send us an email if we might need to increase storage size, and we just go in there and confirm it. Now that we’re running on Crunchy Bridge we don’t have to worry about database management.

Zachary DézielProduct Manager at Anagraph

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