Fully Managed PostgreSQL for Azure

Crunchy Bridge is a turnkey solution for deploying PostgreSQL on Azure with the tools you need backed by a reputable team for peace of mind. You can manage your PostgreSQL services in the Bridge platform or use our developer API. Crunchy Bridge is a full service database-as-a-service with features to provision, manage, configure HA, create point-in-time recovery backups in minutes, or create replicas. With Bridge you will have all the benefits of a Postgres focused team with the security and reliability of your other Azure resources.

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Business Continuity

Backups are free and included with every instance. Disaster recovery is automatically enabled for all databases, ensuring that your database can be recovered in the event of a failure or disaster. Crunchy Bridge is also equipped with optional high availability that automatically deploys a streaming replica in a different availability zone. Failover is automated and efficient with minimal service interruption.

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In-Place Upgrades

No need to dump/restore your database or spend weeks planning how to get to the latest Postgres version. Crunchy Bridge provides a seamless process for upgrading across major Postgres versions. You don't have to weigh application downtime vs. developer effort for an upgrade now - you get the latest Postgres when you want it without pain.

Connection Pooling Built-In

Connection pooling is a smart addition for any production database. Crunchy Bridge provides pgBouncer, the best in class Postgres connection pooler, right alongside your database and removes the complexity of connection management with external sources. Read more on why you should use connection pooling on our blog.

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By the PostgreSQL Experts

Crunchy Bridge was developed and is supported by the industry's leading PostgreSQL experts. We have many Postgres core team members on the Crunchy team embedded into the open source community. Our focus is only on Postgres and that means that your services are optimized and our platform support is focused specifically on your database.

More PostgreSQL Tools

Crunchy Bridge was created for a better developer experience. You get full access to your Postgres database with real Postgres Superuser access. We also offer a full set of extensions and language support for the modern developer including Pl/Python (with SciPy, NumPy, and Pandas), Pl/R, and full logical replication support including wal2json and pgoutput to enable change data capture (CDC) via tools like Debezium.

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PostgreSQL for AKS

If you're looking for an automated Kubernetes solution with fully containerized PostgreSQL, look at PGO, the Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data and our Kubernetes product subscription and support.

Run in your account

If you have a large Azure contract commitment, we can help you have more control over your databases while letting you worry about one less thing. Crunchy Bridge can be deployed directly in your account and databases created against your own resources. Reach out to learn more.

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