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CentOS (EL-8) - pgBackRest

Step 1:

Download the repository file and Crunchy Data's public GPG key (RPM-GPG-KEY-crunchydata-dev)

Step 2:

Download Crunchy Data's public key file RPM-GPG-KEY-crunchydata-dev and validate the authenticity of the key using an md5sum against the key:

md5sum RPM-GPG-KEY-crunchydata-dev

The output should match: c85d895b58f451ee0aaf5056cfd4ba4e

NOTE: If the output does not match, then the public key is invalid and Crunchy Data should be contacted immediately!

Step 3:

Move the verified GPG key to this directory:


Step 4:

Put the repository file here:


Step 5:

Verify the repository line is in your repolist (@crunchydatadevpg14):

sudo dnf repolist

Step 6:

Install EPEL repositories:

sudo dnf install

Step 7:

Because of the modularity feature in CentOS 8, disable the PostgreSQL module:

sudo dnf -qy module disable postgresql

Step 8:

Verify the packages are available to your system (@crunchydatadevpg14 entry in their rightmost column):

sudo dnf list postgresql14

Step 9:

Install pgBackRest:

sudo dnf install postgresql14\* crunchy-backrest