Crunchy PostgreSQL for SaaS

Crunchy Data offers PostgreSQL services on cloud, on-prem, and on containers for the burgeoning SaaS company. With tools for data analytics, best-in-class database performance, and enterprise-grade high availability, Crunchy PostgreSQL is an ideal solution for your Software-as-a-Service product.

Postgres: The Right Choice

PostgreSQL has been a long time favorite of developers because of its rich feature set and open source nature. Postgres' out-of-the-box tools allow you to move and develop quickly without compromising quality. Postgres has all you need to go far including:

  • Range of data types - including JSON
  • Advanced indexing
  • Full text search
  • Geospatial support
  • So much more
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Right Size, Right Price

When you start building, you're often searching for product market fit, but when it comes time to scale you don't want to be left with a rewrite. PostgreSQL gives you the ability to start without complexity while still supporting scale. Planning a big launch? Scale up! Things settling down, scale back and reduce costs. When the time comes to optimize, you'll have a rich set of indexes to leverage combined with PostgreSQL's powerful query planner. With both the PGO Postgres Operator for Kubernetes and Crunchy Bridge (fully managed cloud service) you can scale simply with the click of a button.

Your Multi-Tenant App Designed Your Way

Postgres provides a number of mechanisms for designing your data models to support multi-tenant SaaS apps. Whether you want one database per customer, to separate your customers by schema, or to use a tenant identifier/discriminator, PostgreSQL has you covered. And while Postgres gives you flexible options, when it comes to your database itself Crunchy Data makes it easy for your database to run on dedicated instances so you don't need to worry about noisy neighbors.

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Cloud Flexibility

As your business grows and scales you may encounter requirements to run on specific infrastructure providers. With Crunchy Bridge's flexibility to move between clouds and parity in featureset you don't have to worry about mismatches between AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure. When your customer asks if you can run on a specific provider you have the answer for your database and it's a simple: yes.


When you're building and maintaining a SaaS product for your customers, you need a highly performant database. Crunchy Data has extensive experience with performance tuning on Postgres on a variety of hosts and use cases. Expert support and engineering advice on tuning can give you that cutting edge platform experience your customers are looking for.

Read about the performance improvements at RivalIQ when they moved to Crunchy Bridge.

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Always On

When you're looking for a database solution to back your SaaS business, you cannot miss a beat. All Crunchy PostgreSQL products have high availability ready from day 1 so you can rest easy. Our products are also all equipped with backups out of the box and disaster recovery protection.

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