Crunchy High Availability PostgreSQL

Crunchy HA PostgreSQL Ensures Data is Available Exactly When You Need It

Crunchy HA PostgreSQL provides an integrated High Availability solution for enterprises with "always on" data requirements. This solution integrates trusted open source components to satisfy performance requirements, high availability, load balancing, and scalability. When combined with native PostgreSQL replication, Crunchy PostgreSQL High Availability supports the variety of strict requirements enterprises face.

Features & Benefits

Cluster Infrastructure provides fundamental functions for nodes to work together as a cluster, configuration-file management, membership management, lock management, and fencing.

Provides failover of services from one cluster node to another in case a node becomes inoperative.

Provides configuration and management tools for setting up, configuring, and managing the HA Add-On. The tools are for use with the Cluster infrastructure components, the HA and Service Management components, and storage.

Replicates data across different platforms, with compatibility for many databases. Synchronize from any database to any database in a heterogeneous environment.

Multi-Data Center and Geographic Distribution

Crunchy HA PostgreSQL supports both single and multi data center HA PostgreSQL configurations - giving enterprises the option to deploy HA PostgreSQL clusters across data centers in multiple geographic regions.

Active-Active PostgreSQL

Distributed applications benefit from assured partition tolerance that Crunchy Active-Active PostgreSQL supplies so it can continue running even when disconnected from the main network. The open source solution for high distributed workloads.

  • High-volume geographically distributed clusters
  • Online upgrades of database within minimal downtime
  • Change data capture and advanced ETL capabilities for applications
  • Edge computing applications

Always On PostgreSQL

Whether you're in a single or multi-datacenter environment, Crunchy HA PostgreSQL will keep your PostgreSQL clusters available through typical outages and accurately detect when a cluster should initiate a failover to a replica.

Trusted Open Source

Commercial Support

Backed by the Experts

Crunchy Data provides Crunchy High Availability PostgreSQL for all commercial support subscription customers, which includes access to certified software packages, updates, bug fixes, and security patches, along with 24x7x365 technical support from PostgreSQL experts.

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