Certified Technologies

Crunchy Data collaborates with Red Hat to create certified solutions for deploying trusted, open source PostgreSQL across Red Hat products.

Crunchy Data has Red Hat Certification across several products:

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes is a Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator with Level 5 "autopilot" capabilities and is available on OperatorHub.io .

Best Practices for Running Highly Available PostgreSQL in Production with Ansible Tower

Crunchy Data and Red Hat are teamed up to bring you the best practices for running High Availability PostgreSQL in production with Ansible Tower. During this webinar, Director of Cloud Engineering and Growth at Crunchy Data Jonathan Katz, presented on: Best Practices for Running Highly Available PostgreSQL in Production with Ansible Tower. View webinar to learn more.

High Availability PostgreSQL on Kubernetes with a Single Command

Hosted by Jonathan S. Katz (Crunchy Data) and Josh Berkus (Red Hat)

See the Crunchy Operator 4.2 for running PostgreSQL in your Kubernetes/Openshift Cluster. See Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes in action with a demo that shows how to deploy a high availability PostgreSQL cluster and observe live how it automatically fails over and heals after a downtime event.

"Red Hat and Crunchy Data have a shared commitment to open source software in the enterprise. The Red Hat Global Partner Program provides a new channel for collaboration around bringing Red Hat technology and Crunchy Data's trusted open source PostgreSQL solutions to market. The certification of Crunchy HA PostgreSQL for Red Hat Ansible Tower represents an initial result of this collaboration and provides Ansible Tower users an alternative option to deploy and scale across single and multi-data center requirements with a commercially supported external database, backed by Crunchy Data. We believe this may provide end user organizations with more confidence, resilience, and availability when deploying external database solutions."

Kyle Benson

Red Hat Senior Product Manager, Ansible Automation

"As they have for several years, Crunchy Data has been a first mover in their collaboration with Red Hat. Being one of the first partners to embrace the Operator Framework demonstrates this, and we are excited for Red Hat OpenShift customers to be able to take advantage of this technology to help address their PostgreSQL needs in a scalable and repeatable fashion."

Chris Morgan

Director, Technical Marketing for Red Hat Cloud Platforms

Crunchy Data provides Crunchy Data Red Hat Certified Technologies for all commercial support subscription customers, which includes access to certified software packages, updates, bug fixes, and security patches, along with 24x7x365 technical support from PostgreSQL experts.

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