Announcing the Scheduler for Crunchy Bridge

Craig Kerstiens

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Today we're excited to announce a new scheduler for Crunchy Bridge. Scheduler makes it easy for you to create and manage automated database maintenance tasks such as:

Scheduler under the covers leverages pg_cron, this means any cron jobs you've already created are automatically available to you. With scheduler you no longer need to manage or configure pg_cron directly, now you have a straightforward interface for controlling when your scheduled job is run and managing it.

list of cron tasks

Scheduler is available today on all clusters within our fully managed Postgres, Crunchy Bridge. You can set time intervals within days, weeks, months or years. Simply navigate to the scheduler from within your cluster view in the dashboard. Enter your SQL statement and the task the time interval, and we'll take of the rest.

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Craig Kerstiens

May 29, 2024 More by this author