Crunchy Bridge for Analytics now has support for Iceberg and other new features. Learn more in our Crunchy Bridge for Analytics announcement.

Fully Managed Cloud Postgres

From hobby projects, to startups, and enterprise.
The experience you want without compromise.

Cloud Agnostic

Ready for launch, on any provider

Production ready Postgres at your fingertips


Get started with a connection string to an isolated instance.


Fully managed at no cost. Restore to any point in time.


In place resizing for more memory or storage. Easily scale out with read replicas.

High availability

Cross zone automated failover for groups that need rto in seconds.

Database Insights

Get the key metrics to keep you in the know with what is happening with your database with monitoring included.


Get help every step of the way with our Postgres focused support team.

How does Crunchy Bridge work?

Try our guided walkthrough

Built for developers

Deploy via Dashboard, API, or CLI

Manage Crunchy Bridge with your existing tools and processes. A clear and easy to use dashboard for getting started and team management in a web browser. For command line users, a full featured CLI with tab completion. Or maybe you want to script and automate parts of your database workflow with our API.

“We like the Bridge UI. It is simple, easy to use, and easy to find and review our database. Everything is consistent and clear for team members. It’s not the scavenger hunt you get with RDS,” said Gerard Lee, Software Engineer, at CareRev.

Insights and Metrics

Built-in platform and CLI tools to help you understand system performance at a glance. Easy access to key metrics like cpu, iops, connections, storage resources. Postgres Insights to enhance database performance even if you're not a seasoned DBA. Check on your cache hit ratio, index hit, and slow queries with automated assistance to help you understand when and where to act.

Support from Postgres Experts

Crunchy Bridge is a completely different support experience. With a hand's on Postgres expert guiding you every step of the way. If you're just a developer starting out or a more seasoned DBA, you'll appreciate thorough, timeline, and in-depth responses. Many of our customers find support ticket responses to be some of their team's most valuable resources. Our team is passionate about Postgres education giving you all the information and tools to make informed choices. You won't be waiting in a support queue or waiting for your ticket to get escalated. You'll get our most seasoned experts no matter what your database size or spend is.

Transparent and simple pricing

Crunchy Bridge's pay-as-you-go model is predictable. Billing by the minute for compute and storage, invoiced monthly, with no additional costs for networking or ingress/egress. Connection pooling and backup storage is included by default in the base price. To learn more about pricing options for Crunchy Bridge.

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Cloud security best practices

Crunchy Certified Postgres

Single tenant isolation

SOC 2 Certification


VPC and VNET peering

Encryption at rest and in transit

Our customers love us


Migrating from Heroku looking for support and simplicity.

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Migrating from Amazon Aurora for cost savings and better uptime.

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Migrating from Amazon RDS for better transparency, performance, and support.

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Rival IQ

Migrating from Heroku and saw 3x faster speeds with same dollar spend.

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Make the database the least of your worries

Batteries Included

Modern Postgres

  • Deploy on Postgres 13, 14, 15, or 16
  • Up to date Postgres release cycle
  • In-place upgrades to major versions
  • Minor versions and bug patches included

Team & Account Management

  • Flexible team management
  • Multi-factor authentication available
  • Built in SSO, no extra charge
  • Full audit logs

Private networking

  • Isolated tenant architecture
  • Firewall/IP controls
  • VPC Peering
  • Private link support
  • Tailscale private network support


  • In dashboard metrics for database health
  • Log exporting integrations
  • Easily connect to 3rd party agents and services

Transparent Pricing

  • Prorated (to the second) billing
  • Invoiced monthly
  • Low cost hobby tiers to get started


  • 1-on-1 Migration Assistance
  • Replicate data into Crunchy Bridge

Cloud agnostic

  • Run in any public cloud
  • Fork or recover to a different cloud
  • Cross-cloud replication and redundancy


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