Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator

Deploy large-scale PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes with enterprise high availability and disaster recovery requirements.

When combined with the Crunchy PostgreSQL Container Suite, the PostgreSQL Operator provides an open source, Kubernetes-native PostgreSQL-as-a-Service capability.

Key features in the Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator include:

Full Customizability

The Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator makes it easy to get your own PostgreSQL-as-a-Service up and running on Kubernetes-enabled platforms and allows for further customized deployments. How it works:

High Availability

Safe, automated failover backed by a distributed consensus based high-availability solution. Uses Pod Anti-Affinity to help resiliency. Failed primaries automatically heal, allowing for faster recovery time.

Multi-Cloud Support

Federate the PostgreSQL Operator across multiple Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters to scale your high-availability deployments to maximize the resilience of your applications.

Disaster Recovery

Backups and restores leverage the open source pgBackRest utility and includes support for full, incremental, and differential backups as well as efficient delta restores. Set how long you want your backups retained. Works great with very large databases.

High Availability PostgreSQL on Kubernetes with a Single Command

Learn how the Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator enables Hybrid Cloud Database-as-a-Service

Advanced Security Made Easy

Enable end-to-end TLS communication between your applications and PostgreSQL clusters with simple commands.


Day 2

Create backup policies, manage compute/memory resources, easily manage tablespaces, clone your PostgreSQL data, and more: the PostgreSQL Operator makes Day 2 operations easy and accessible.



Track the health of your PostgreSQL clusters using the open source pgMonitor library.


Supported Platforms

Kubernetes 1.13 -

See note about 1.16 and beyond

OpenShift 3.11+

Cloud Pak Data Version 2.5+

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Including Anthos

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