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Create a Cluster

A cluster represents all of the infrastructure needed to provision an instance of Postgres for your application or other database needs.

Since a cluster is created within a team we cannot provide a direct link to the create page. Here are the steps to create cluster from your Crunchy Bridge dashboard.

  • Select your new team
  • Click the button in the new cluster tile
  • Complete cluster creation form

Production-ready from the start

Companies of all sizes, of any enterprise or industry, can benefit from moving operations to PostgreSQL.

Performance-tuned deployment

Team management with access controls

Backups at no-cost

Monitoring 24x7x365 by Crunchy team

Point-in-time recovery

High availability with easy configuration

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Crunchy Bridge Case Study

A 3x performance increase for the same dollar spend

Rival IQ needed to control costs on their cloud Postgres services. Read about how Crunchy Bridge improved performance and operations.