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Your database on the cloud provider of your choice. Create an account and connect your application and we handle the rest.

Connect to your database

While your cluster is being created you will not be able to connect to your database. You can view the status of the creation process on the cluster overview page you are redirected to after completing the creation form.

Once your cluster has been successfully created let's cover the steps needed to connect to your database. One note, the method that we will be covering requires that you have psql available on your system.

  • Locate the credential generator in the middle of the cluster information.
  • Leave the role set to application
  • Select the psql format using the format dropdown.
  • Copy generated command into your command line.
  • Welcome to your database!

Production-ready from the start

Companies of all sizes, of any enterprise or industry, can benefit from moving operations to PostgreSQL.

Performance-tuned deployment

Team management with access controls

Backups at no-cost

Monitoring 24x7x365 by Crunchy team

Point-in-time recovery

High availability with easy configuration

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Crunchy Bridge Case Study

A 3x performance increase for the same dollar spend

Rival IQ needed to control costs on their cloud Postgres services. Read about how Crunchy Bridge improved performance and operations.