Crunchy PostgreSQL for Embedded Solutions

Get to market faster with a full service database platform and support from a trusted OEM Partner

Partner with the leaders in trusted open source PostgreSQL to power your offering with the Crunchy PostgreSQL Embedded in your Solution. Crunchy Data provides you with out of the box production ready PostgreSQL on your choice of Bare Metal, VMs, Kubernetes or the Cloud and is available for use as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for your software or virtual appliance. Get to market faster with the confidence of the Postgres people behind you.

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Crunchy Data as Your PostgreSQL Partner

PostgreSQL is feature rich, has great SQL support, and is a great choice as the database to embed in your software or hardware products. Crunchy PostgreSQL provides a secure, scalable, enterprise solution and lets you deliver products faster and with reduced cost. Our focus on the Postgres software and ecosystem protects you and your client's investment for the long term.

Start with the Right Foundation

The term operator in the Kubernetes world was taken from the idea of an old-fashioned telephone operator, making all of the connections between networks. An operator lets you use the power of declarative workflows to manage your operations. You can create a file with instructions for size, storage, access policies, backup, and replication and the operator takes care of getting these services up. Setup of database services can go from days to minutes. Managing a DBaaS with PGO increases security, increases consistency, reduces operational costs, and gives your developers greater freedom.

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Move Fast

Crunchy Data has your Postgres needs solved for you. Benefit from our production ready Postgres technology and our decades of experience managing production Postgres to get to market fast. Whether it is full text search, geospatial support, advanced data types - including JSON, or leveraging the ecosystem of Postgres extensions, you have the tools you need to deliver value quickly for your customers.

Built for Scale

Crunchy PostgreSQL deployments on cloud, VMs, or containers are built for scale and are used in several software-as-a-service and database applications. Our automated scripting, certified deployments, and build packages run on a variety of operating systems and hosts which makes our solution ideal for OEM distribution.

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IBM API Connect

Read our case study about how IBM uses Crunchy PostgreSQL as part of their API Connect platform.

Deployment Flexibility

Embedded Crunchy PostgreSQL OEM can be deployed in a variety of scenarios including self hosting, cloud hosting in AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure, and using containers on any of those platforms.


Cloud Hosted


Enterprise Grade PostgreSQL

Crunchy PostgreSQL combines the best relational database with all of the trusted tools to run PostgreSQL at scale for the enterprise. Disaster Recovery and backups are part of every install, as well as monitoring, connection pooling, and replication. Our solutions also have high availability ready from day one with self-healing and automatic failover built in.

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Architecture and Support by the Experts

A Crunchy PostgreSQL Embedded Program partnership comes with deep PostgreSQL expertise on our team. Our 24x7x365 support team will provide you with peace of mind and escalation support. Read more about the benefits of the Crunchy subscription.

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